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Detailed Analysis of Mice and Men

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In the beginning of the story we are introduced to Lennie and George, they both have a dream where one day they will buy a house, where no one could ever bother them, Lennie could pet all the rabbits and other animals he desires and George can lay back living his life. In the middle of the story, we are introduced to another character called Candy, an old man, he then listened to George’s and Lennie’s dream of one day owning a house and tags along, wanting to pursue that dream as well. But close to the end of the story everything falls apart.

George and Lennie, the two main characters of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men are about as different as two friends could possibly be, but they got each others back. They’ve travelled the country together, worked together, and endured the hardship of The Great Depression together.

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We can see that time during the great depression was really hard comparing to today, Lennie and George are tied because of the need of money, Curley’s wife always feels lonely because no one wants to talk to her, this is because she is married to the son of the boss, we can also see that race, skin color differentiate us, it pulls us apart, we can see this based on the character Crook. He is being mistreated because of him being black / negro.

During the whole movie, there wasn’t really much justice going on. If a person did something wrong, people can just shoot that guy or beat the living hell out of him, there was no need for police men or judges to appear. People could act on their free will.

We can see that Curley’s wife is really being avoided, no one wants to get around her because she only brings trouble. Somehow it feels as if Curley’s wife is more like a sexual object but really all she can offer is trouble.

Lennie, George and Candy plans on having a place of their own which almost became a reality, whenever George recites their dream, they feel pride to their friendship, also Crook who is mistreated because of being black talks about how important companionship is in life

Crook being a negro makes him different to the others, he is forced to stay and sleep in the barn, no one would want to play or talk with him. But Lennie visited him once and actually someway welcomed him, crook mentioned that only two people has entered his room his entire time staying and working in the barn. Also Curley’s wife being the only girl in the whole movie makes her feel lonely, because she has no one to talk to, and also people are scared of communicating with her since Curley is not really much of a friendly person.

The river in the woods is the place where the story really started and also where it ended, it is a place free from society, where Lennie and George can really just be them selves and not giving a damn about anyone, its where the dream started and ended. The bunkhouse represent where most conflict and fights really starts, the barn supposedly being a safe and warmth area, where they pet animals, ironic because its also the place where Lennie messed up.

Lennie loves them because they are so furry and cuddly.

In the beginning of the story we can see that Lennie loves playing around with cuddly or furry animals, whether its dead or alive.

We are introduced to many different characters throughout the whole story

He is the hero, a hard working guy who’s small and quick, dark of face with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. He is a deeply moral, good man.

Don’t let his last name fool you, he is actually a big guy but unfortunately that is about it.

He’s an old ranch worker who’s lost one of his hands in a farm accident, he is a one worthy friend.

For a nickname we can just call her Ms. Trouble, she is a beautiful young women who feels lonely most of the times.

He’s like the captain among all the men working in the ranch, masterful, strong, practical and fair minded.

We don’t really know if that’s his real name, it’s a nickname given because his back is crooked. He is mistreated because of his skin color, he faces loneliness in a whole different level.

He is son of the boss, he has a big head for such a small body, picks allot of fights to prove among others that he is the best.

Overall message in Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men

Friendship are often strengthened by difficult conditions, like poverty and powerlessness, but they cannot always overcome such tests              


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