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Developing A Profound Trust Of Consumers In Social Media Marketing

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In accordance to the article from Lauren Smith, a publisher from Convince & Convert who expounded the idea behind the “Social Media Trust Formula” from Steven Rayson, social media has been developed into an interactive platform to engage with consumers and customers, and because this mere purpose of the recent development social media, the progression of trust between the company’s product and the consumer is positively feasible. Moreover, Lauren Smith had cited down three varied fundamentals from Steven Rayson that can be seen as a method when it comes to developing a profound trust between one’s consumers.

The first aspect when it comes to earning the trust of the consumer is how the company handles the authority that it’s had with the consumer in which, the company must be able to cope up with the industry and must offer an assured quality to the intended consumer with a responsibility to be certain on the information that they would be giving to the consumer; secondly, the company or even, the business person, must be able to actively interact with their consumers’ questions, suggestions and commentaries regarding the promoted product, with this, the consumers would feel the sense of helpfulness that the company and as well as the product intended to give; thirdly, the company and the people behind the marketing administration must be able to highlight their brand’s personality and in order for one to do this, they must be able to interact and talk to their consumers and at the same time, become naturally sociable in order for the consumers to feel the essence of interaction and openness with the people behind the product and the marketing administration.

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In addition, Lawrence A. Crosby and John P. Vidmar (2018), two authors from American Marketing Association, stated that throughout the years of social media marketing, there has been an amount of people who managed to decline the casual methods of online advertising. In the matter of fact, the mentioned authors included a study from the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, which it stated that most online and social media users from the United States of America tend to distrust online advertisers from time-to-time, wherein this phenomenon has been entitled to as the “trust crisis”. Moreover, a study from the U.K.’s Marketing Week which reportedly stated that most people have been found to be aware when it comes to the Marketer’s Tactics such as subtly paying bloggers in order to advertise their products and the company, which dismayed both online consumers and users to pay their full attention and trust to the online marketing; Additionally, the negative impact from this outrageous tactic has continuously become a massive plague to the field of social marketing in which, according to the Globe & Mail Reports, the Advertising Standards Canada had required marketers to inform the online users and consumers if they were paid by the company to promote such product or not. Furthermore, Lawrence A. Crosby and John P. Vidmar, have both included several effect guidelines in order to regain and develop the consumer’s trust to online advertising which became has become a major concern to social marketers; Further, marketers must prioritized an effective plan to reconstruct a systematic map to continuously nourish their consumer’s interest rather than, putting their interest in a plain and deserted continuum after earning their trust and loyalty. In relation to that, marketers must actively improve their advertisement content and methods, they must introduce their customers to their product creatively in order to develop the enticement and the way the customer engulfs the marketing.

Secondly, marketers must also give their consumers and customers the feeling of reassurance which means that being able to give them the qualified product that they deserved and directing them to reviews that are not paid and butchered but reviews are positively earned.

Lastly, one of the biggest methods in order to construct the trust of consumers is by reflecting the marketing plan to the Communication Theory which is divided into different categories. In illustration to that, the first aspect regarding the said theory is “Owned Content”, which transformed the advertisement to both suspicion and belief.

According to Kevin Johnston, a publisher from Chron who articulated the ideal definitions and purpose of Communication Theory, stated that most consumers are indulged with skepticism when it comes to “Owned Content” since henceforth, the company and the marketer can write anything positive in regards to the product. Thus, in order for the content to be more credible, the marketer and the company must be open to honest commentaries and raw reviews. Secondly, in accordance to Kevin Johnston, is the “Paid Content” which is a type of advertisement that came from the company; In accord to Johnston, most people pay their skepticism when it comes to “Paid Content” but there are ways in order to refrain the customers from paying too much skepticism such as giving the customers the opportunity to evaluate the product, themselves, by offering them a “two-for-one” sale for instance. Thirdly, one type of advertisement is the “Earned Content” which requires rawness and honesty. According to Kevin Johnston, this type of content comes from third parties such as bloggers, journalists and reviewers. In order for the company and the marketer to do this, they have to contact that people who openly do this, and the company must not restrict these people to share and put out a positive opinion about the given product. Lastly is the “Two-Way Communication” which is allowing yourself to communicate with the consumers and social media, and being actively sociable to them.


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