Developing Of An App “ BREWNEWS”

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The aim of this project is develop an App “ BREWNEWS ” that can contains all kind of NEWSPAPER , MAGAZINE and also show current WEATHER of any city in the world. As everything is becoming digitalised and reading newspaper is extinting so to make people aware of daily incidents happening in the world I make this app so they can use it to read news. The news can be read in different languages from Hindi English to many more.

Moreover it also contains different magazines that like to read in morning or anytime with a cup of tea.Famous magazines like vogue The Economic times, topGear and many more are present in it .

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However users can also search for the current weather status of any place in the country.



Google had developed an operating system for gadgets which is named as ANDROID. It is based on a recast form of linux kernel & some other 0pen source software.

Moreover google has enhance its research in various other devices which succeed in developing ANDROID TV, ANDROID AUTO, WEAR OS for television, car, wrist watches respectively.

Also many engineers are also working on different platforms like automatic flying car , robotics through android development.

Android has become the major used operating system in this world and breaks all the records of other operating system used in any platform.

However more than 82.2% of smartphone companies used this OS to develop their movie phones through different changes as it it is an open source software and easy to use.

The working framework has since experienced various significant discharges, with the present form being 8.1 “Oreo”, discharged in December 2017.

Programmers are developing many software through android which is available in play store, like Gmail, Google search many other apps are used by everyone using an android devices are licensed by android devices manufacturers and certified by google under standards imposed.

Further no one had thought before that you can make a call from your watch or you can explore internet on your television .This all has been fulfilled due to advancement In technology which possible through this framework network called android and we assumed that in future we can build something out of it that no one has assumed till now like “a device that can sense your mind to perform all your tasks before you speak !”.


Android beta was the first operating system version of android launched in 5 November 2007,. Google and open handset alliance developed it. Latest version of android is Oreo 8.1 which is currently being used in smartphones.

Andy Rubin , Nick sears and Rich Miner are the inventor of android which currently the most popular used OS.


An operating system based on Linux and other open source software used in various devices like smartphones , watches, car-auto is known as ANDROID.


Due to open source the involvement of hackers is there.

Power consumption is more In devices as compared to other to perform task very efficiently.

More number of users that means connectivity is sometime low.

For programmers it is easy to design software in ANDROID STUDIO.

Android now used in many different devices which is very easy to use and future scope is also more to have various android devices like flying-car.

Apps are cheap to buy.

Multiple tasking is less efficient as it consumes more power and sometimes the phone hang after long use. TYPES OF ANDROID APPLICATION

  • SOCIAL NETWORKING APPLICATIONS 6 Architecture of android
  • Android contains five layer of architecture:

All the applications of android can be found at the top layer.The applications to be installed like contacts , phone etc are to be installed on this layer

Applications acquire many high level services in the form of java classes in application framework layer. It contains activity manager , location manager and many more services.

The layer present on the second layer from the bottom is android runtime and is the third architecture of the system.The java virtual machine which is uniquely planned and improved for Android is Dalvik Virtual Machine.

The libraries layer contain all the libraries require to build program that contains all the declarations to be import in are program to enhance its interface building , graphics and database.

At the bottom layer linux kernel is designed which provides link between the software and hardware and contain devices like camera , wifi driver, bluetooth.


Due to multiple layers in android framework it is more secure language.

But as Android is open source so it needs update regularly to prevents its security.

As per many reports it has been observed that android devices is also secure as much as iOS devices.

However machine learning helps the developer to improve their software security. 8. MATERIALS AND METHODS

This is the front page of the app in which user can register himself to access this app.

It provides two opportunities for user to login.

Firstly he can registered himself on clicking on “GET REGISTERED AT BREWNEWS NOW!” Or Secondly he can sign in through his google id.

This page will open when registering on our application.

In this user has to type his email id and password to login to our application to access our services.

After registering user can click on “LOGIN ME” to access the application. After successfully registering on the application, then user need to login in the application.

After login, this page will open in which user can get access to various services.

The menu in the bottom contains 4 options to access news magazines weather and to manage his account.

By default news page will open and user can read various news in different languages by clicking on his favourite newspaper.

By clicking on magazine button this page will open in which various famous magazines can be access by the user.

Scrolling down the page user can also find more magazines available in it.

Similarly weather page will open on clicking the weather icon.

In this user can search the current weather status of any city in the world

Before planning his trips or just for awareness of weather status in different places.

This is the page where user can modify his details like change of email , update password or to logout from this application.

Also user can add his profile photo by just clicking on blank photo.

This page will open when he wants to modify his details.

This page will open when the user click on the options available in “user page” where he can modify his email, change password , can also send password rest mail if he forgot his email and also he can remove his registration from application if he wants.


As in today world gadgets become the part of human life.

From getting up – to sleep people wants to stick to there mobile phones and wasting time by social activities due to which they are not aware of any miss happenings in world so now he can just used our application to watch latest news.Also marines lover are now be happy to have an application to read their favourite magazines.


Brew-news application is a useful tool to those users that are fully dependent on there smart devices as well as the people those love to read magazines and newspaper.

Moreover, those who like to travel to different places can use this application as it contain weather option that can be used to check current weather status of any city around the world.


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