Developing of Organizational Culture and Operational Environment of the Company

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Change within organizational context is a critical thing, which has to be effectively communicated before the implementation process. An important aspect to consider in this case would be focus on the type of leadership in place and how it influences employees to be in a position to embrace change. A change process is aimed at ensuring that the business improves on its performance level through integration of positive strategies that focus on delivery of high quality products in the market. Incorporating change within organizational environment is not an action but a process that puts into consideration important factors in ensuring that the desired change does not have a negative influence within organizational environment. It is important to understand that an organization only integrates a given change action within its operational strategy when it has full assessment on all the benefits and risks involved in the implementation of that particular change.

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Identification of your chosen leadership philosophy with justification of your choice.

Being the Chief Executive officer, the success or failure of the change process will depend on the strategies that will put in place. There is need to develop better strategies while having interacts with employees where positive change can be effectively developed. Therefore, in this case, the leadership philosophy that I will incorporate to ensure high level of compliance and engagement will follow Marty Linksys leadership philosophy.Linsky’s leadership philosophy focuses on developing relationships. It is very difficult to create an integration where the change planned can be successful without creating a relationship with employees. The role of employee in business development is significant and thus there is need to ensure that it is developed on strong basis where it can be effectively lead to positive development within organizational context(Dent, 2016).

The management and employees form crucial part of the change process within organizational environment. The management is involved in putting in place critical measures, which are more important in developing a better understanding on the change proposed. They make key decisions on how the change process needs to be undertaken. Employees within an organization also play a key role in having a positive engagement where they ensure that the change put in place is successful. Ensuring that the change process is successful, there is need to develop active relationship within organizational context where the input of every employee can be acknowledged. Every employee wishes to work in an organizational environment where their performance is noticed(Spillane & Jean-Etienne, 2015).

Adaptive leadership requires that leaders participate in change process in order to have a better connection with organizational success. The key elements that are needed within a given organizational environment to ensure that the change process is successful need to be clearly identified and ensure that high level of engagement within organizational context. Leadership style forms an integral environment under which different considerations within an organization are based. The style that is adopted within an organization creates a very critical environment in a business setting and thus explains who employees within that particular setting are engaged. It is important to understand that different leaders adopt different leadership strategies depending on what they hope to achieve as well as their personality. This is a critical determining factor under which employees are expected to adhere to ensure a smooth running of an organization(Day, Fleenor, Atwater, Sturm, & McKee, 2014).

This strategy will be able to ensure that there is a positive understanding and there exists a string understanding under which it will be possible to have a higher level of interaction within organizational environment. The leadership style that will create a better integration of the Linsky leadership philosophy will be transformational leadership style. Transformational leadership model is a leadership approach that focuses on developing change within an organization while focusing on already existing mechanisms. The model is aimed at developing positive change among employees since it is done in a more engaging way where employees feel part of an organization. The model ensures that employees are connected to the set mission and collective identity of the organization. A leader in transformational leadership model inspires hope and acts as a role model to his or her followers. They create a very engaged performance based work environment where employees or followers are challenged to work extremely harder in order achieve their target. The leader identifies and addresses all the weakness faced by employees while acknowledging the significant steps made. Thus, strategy would be very effective in my business venture since a business should be able to accept change where necessary as long as the change is positive(Spillane & Jean-Etienne, 2015).

Explain an approach to foreign direct investment and foreign risk assessment using Porter's Five Forces.

The structural change that is being considered in this case need to be developed based on important elements within the new market where it will be possible for the organization to generate profits. Financial risk assessment in this case puts into focus the chances of the company getting a loss within a given market. There are a number of elements, which influence the chances of loss within a given industry including competition cost of production and taxation levels within the country. Foreign direct investment involves an investment made in a foreign country(Cooper, Kingyens, & Paradi, 2014). Proper understanding on the approach on foreign direct investment and financial risks assessment will be based on Porter’s Five Forces, which will provide a better understanding on the industry in which the organization is seeking to invest in china. The focus in this case will be based on effective understanding on key elements where it is possible to have a successful engagement within the manufacturing industry that is being targeted in this case.These are significant factors that evaluate the five factors have significant influence on the industry competition. Thus, these forces operate in a very integrated manner where there is need for an organization to consider implementing better strategies to ensure that it is better engaged and on course to achieve its set objectives.

Supplier power

There is significant concentration of supply power within the industry as there is diversity within manufacturing industry. There is increased level of focus where there is a greater understanding under which it will be possible to have a greater engagement in the market.

Threat of entry

The manufacturing industry is a very open industry with much diversity. This means that there are no significant regulations that are in place and thus there is freedom of entry and exit since there are no barriers in place. Building a brand loyalty against the existing brands is a bit difficult within the industry since the already existing organizations have better strategies in place, which have a significant influence on how they are able to cope with the changing markets. There is also high investment capital which means that any individual who is considering to invest in the industry must have a high capital which is supposed to ensure that the business establishment is successful thus the entry is restricted to lower capital investors since they will be unable to sustain the business engagement.

Buyer power

There is high buy power and positive engagement within the company, which is boosted by high living standards in the country as well as strategic location of the country.

Threats of substitute

There is significant presence of alternative and similar companies in the market, which means that there is need to ensure greater focus on greater understanding of the company performance. Adopting differentiation in manufacturing strategy is key in having a positive engagement within the country.

Competitive rivalry

Competition within manufacturing industry is very high considering the available companies, whichprovide similarproducts, which will likely hurt the company if there is no creative approach.

Driving forces of the industry

Every industry has significant factors that play a significant role in influencing the overall engagement of other players within the industry and thus all companies need to ensure that in order to have a significant share within the market, they must be very much aware and integrate these forces within their strategic plan. This means that there is need for organizations within the industry to ensure that they have flexible plans, which allows them to shift with the shifting factors in the market.

Financial risk assessment

Financial risks within the organization development will provide a better focus under which the company will be highly engaged in ensuring that there is success within company focus. Risks therefore will help the company put in place risk averse measures to ensure that it is highly engaged within the industry. Risk within an organizational context is a chance of having unexpected outcome. The risks that are considered in this case include market risk, which include financial risks, which occur due to the changes in prices of the financial instruments, which include stick price and interest rates. Credit risks arises when an individual fails to achieve their obligations. Liquidity risk is another risk that arises when there is failure to execute transactions, which arises, based on insufficient buyers or seller(Chen, Ribeiro, & Chen, 2016). These risks are critical and the business will be highly engaged in ensuring that there is a greater focus and engagement within organizational environment.

The key internal structures to enhance organizational culture

Developing organizational culture requires significant focus on the overall operational environment of the company and the need to embrace diversity. It is clear that the organization is expanding and thus culture is an important aspect that define organization operations. Developing internal structures is an important aspect within organizational environment since it plays a key role in defining organizational interactions. The key internal structures that will be integrated into the organization to ensure high level focus on culture will include diverse organizational culture(Salonen & Jaakkola, 2015).

Organizational culture will be based on broad understanding of the different cultural background among employees and thus will seek to improve overall organizational relationship. Communication plan is another internal structure, which will be crucial in ensuring that there is a defined communication approach where communication processes within organizational context will be engaged. Customer support mechanism within organizational environment will be highly engaged in maintaining positive relationships between the company and its customers in seeking to develop a strong brand.

How projected global and market trends over the next 10-15 years will impact the company's ability to maintain a competitive advantage

The company has adopted aims to improve the company integration into new markets and thus in 10 to 15 years the company will have a highly diversified strategy where it would have gained a significant market share and thus maintaining its competitive advantage in the industry. Diversity in globalization is an important aspect, which plays a key role in ensuring that an organization is developed based on crucial global focus(Srivastava, Franklin, & Martinette, 2013).

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