Developing the Diversity Culture in the USA

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Diversity in an organization’s work place involves acceptance of people from different races, ethnicity and gender in. The United States is the most diverse nation with people from all parts of the world. However, the work place is one area that has long suffered marginalization in the United States for quite some time. The Diversity laws are in place and requires that at least an organization considers employing some communities, at least to paint its image as truly diverse. For a long time, employment in the United States has been based on skillset, regardless of your origin. Other groups of different origins such as Blacks, Hispanic and Asian communities have always suffered the marginalization as depicted form the 2011 diversity at work place census.

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Diversity in the United States

The United States population is an exemplary presentation of how cultures have diffused successfully in a way that can be emulated by the outside world. However, there employment sector has been dragging in adopting this policies (“America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” 2015). The individual company data of most companies presents disparity in numbers and do not necessary show the inclusion of proportionate origins represented in their workforce. Based on these results the organization is thus going to change it methods of hiring new clients (Gavin, n.d.). The organization itself fall in the category of gender imbalances at work, and thus conforming to the original reports by census statistics. Apparently, the organization aims at working in proportionate hiring while considering key factors of the demographic structure, which basically includes race, age, and gender. These factors are to be given priority by the organization whereas the skill-set will be considered only when special abilities precedes the diversity of the demographics requirements (“America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” 2015). Although equal opportunity for is at stake when diversity is considered, the organization understands that most skills required for the labor task force are already imminently available (Johnston, Poulsen, & Forrest, 2013, p. 38).

Supervision and the Hiring Process

Diversity definition – The organization has set up a system in which there is prior definition of how a well-managed diverse system works (Johnston, Poulsen, & Forrest, 2013, p. 40). Ideally, diversity in its basic form involves appreciation of the employment system acquiring task force for different origins. Statistically there is extreme display of poor numbers when it comes to the public diversity at work place. Going by the provided data, the organization has its main population approaching the retirement age. That is to mean sooner or later it will need to find a new taskforce that will keenly replace the current team at their time of retirement. The technicalities will involve the value of diversity to be able to occupy the spaces left empty in the system. At this point, only eligible taskforce that meets the diversity structure as shall be spelt out by the organization diversity documents will be put to work. The organization will install a viable system as represented by this report. According to the law requirements the inclusion of all origins in a big organization involves a process.

Developing the Diversity culture.

Introducing the diversity culture into an organization will require the current employees’ attitude consideration and shaping. As it is, the current workers are almost form one race, the entire system does not represent all races, for instance. Key consideration is going to be given on the Demographic aspects as follows (Bielby, n.d., p. 53).

Gender is basically the state of being male or female as result of biological differences. In the American history of contemporary workforce, Gender has been the key factor considered in mot work place diversity. In the American history, male predominance in the science based and technical related jobs was high until late 1970s. However, there are many factors that influences the way diversity in employment works. In the first place the organization requires prior understanding of importance of diversity. When many minds of different cultures and capacities focus together to achieve a set goal, the performance is great and more innovations can be reached. By 2008 the US Department of Labor produced a statistical analysis that presented about 46% of the total workforce. This enables people to develop an understanding of the other sexes.

Sexual Orientation – The American society is basically composed of an extreme diverse nature of sexual orientation (Johnston, Poulsen, & Forrest, 2013, p. 40). Sexual orientation includes but not limited to lesbians, bisexual, transgender and gay. In the current society, they have become more accepted in today’s workplace, thereby increasing the workplace diversity. Since they have been officially accepted in federal government work force, as reported by UCLA Institute in which over 200,000 LGBT in federal government, in 2009, it is imperative that the private institutions follow suit (“U.S. Population Projections: 2005-2050,” 2008).

The Organization will accept and accommodate the LGBT community, while upholding their rights and values as human beings in the current dynamic society has been tolerant to each other’s point of view and acceptance of the diversity in every condition (Craver, 2011,). The new developed system will target mutual understanding among the individuals. The LGBT community has often faced dejection in the public understanding and mostly considered the unethical practice in some countries. The community has also faced harassment in workplaces. This needs to stop.

Race – Racial segregation has impacted negatively on the diversity of the working individuals (Bielby, n.d., p. 53). The workforce of today has made clear that soon, accepting all races will be judged based on the skill set support they can provide for the company rather than their color. Supervisory positions will be made available for all the. When it comes to promotions, the Organization will consider the fact that an individual is qualified and that the diversity laws and conditions are maintained will make it easier to select individual within equal opportunities.

Age – Age comes along with experience. The 21st century millennials are projected to be 75% of the total workforce in the next 10 years as reported by US department of labor statistics in 2014.


The workplace diversity is arguably inevitable aspect of the 21st century, as projected by the United States Population projections. As businesses grow and the technological advancement increases exponentially and globally, it is a renowned fact that there are lots of benefits associated with the diversity. Conclusively it provides an enriched setting of professionalism. However, the value of skill should be made a priority for the company, by appending the needs of the organization first. The company will also consider factors surrounding the value of training given to employees concerning the diversity issues. However, the management should consider diversity pitfalls as a system that can possibly hamper the decision-making process, since compromise may not be accepted by the parties involved.

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