Development and Quality of Life (Qol) Due to Urbanization

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With the IoT coming into existence, it has significantly impacted the standard of living of people that loves to play around with technologies, in terms of health, lifestyle, fitness etc. To achieve better and healthy lifestyle of citizen, air quality in which they are living plays a vital role. Air quality monitoring becomes a vital area to be focused on to achieve “smart city”. As regular contact with densely polluted air quality can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation and hence exposure to this polluted air for long time can cause some serious health issue. Indoor environmental sensing and managing plays a crucial role in public health. There are various areas such as Industries, schools, buildings, offices, houses etc. which requires indoor environmental monitoring. There are number of researches carried out on monitoring air quality with the help of smart sensors around the network. Mostly ZigBee and Bluetooth technology are used, which is good but, their range is very short, and cost of deployment associated with it is also high. This paper focuses on how sensors and gateways integrated with LoRA technology can be used as an alternative for environmental sensing. The proposed architecture elements are LoRA enabled sensors modules, gateways and cloud computing, big data technologies to store and process data. The model is divided into three categories: data collection, data storing and data processing.

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With the IoT coming into existence, it has significantly impacted the standard of living of people that loves to play around with technologies, in terms of health, lifestyle, fitness etc. The cognitive devices and sensors (IOT) plays vital role in the city to become smart city, with the help of these “smart things” we can monitor every event taking place around the city and intelligently using it for making decision which will have significant impact on resource management. The present period is supposed to be the time of cities. Recent researches indicate that due to urbanization urban population surpasses the rural population and it will continue to grow as predictions are made that it will grow nearly about 70% till 2050. Due to urbanization, there is urge of growing efficiency, development and Quality of Life (QoL).

To achieve a healthy lifestyle, the urge of environmental monitoring system is growing significantly with precisely smart monitoring and control system. Most of the population have perception that air pollution is mainly outside like near industries, forest fires, exhaust fumes from vehicles etc. But, recent studies found that indoor conditions like schools, industries, offices, houses, buildings etc. have air pollutant level two to five times greater than outdoor level of pollution. This is mainly due to materials used in building can be volatile chemicals, cleaning products, smoking cigarettes, burning of fuels from oven and stove while cooking. Due to continuously exposure to such polluted air one can have effects on health in coming few of the years. There are existing solutions for monitoring air quality with the help of Zigbee and Bluetooth which are good, but they are limited in terms of range, security, power and capacity of data transmission per base stations. These solutions cost of deployment is relatively high and requires maintenance with every sensor you must deploy gateways with it and in today’s world of IoT, sensors are relatively cheaper as compared to gateways.

By analyzing pros and cons of existing technologies, we decided to use open source LoRA technology embedded sensors and gateways combined with big data and cloud computing environment for monitoring level of indoor air quality. There are mainly few of gases which level is to be monitored they are majorly present in air such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Along with gases, sensors will monitor air pressure, humidity and temperature after each interval of time.

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