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Development Of Etihad Airways

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Change and development

After the implementation of these changes, a survey should be conducted to give a feedback on the outcomes. This survey will help in identifying the elements creating resistance to change. The company should be determined to achieve the set development regardless of the outstanding challenges and resistance (Furst & Cable, 2008). At the end of the change, Etihad Airways will have a new face in terms of culture, organizational design, and structure, performance, and approach to the market. As much as the company anticipates interventions that will steer change, it is important to strategies on how to handle the DADA syndrome amongst the stakeholders. DADA syndrome is a situation where an organization is adamant to change. They tend to ignore possible changes even for no apparent reasons. This behavior emanates from within the organization. The parties ignorant to change become depressed and angered by situations. This may include the individuals such as business cartels who were the key beneficiaries of the existing norms (Petty & Krosnick, 2014). A good example is the stakeholders who are anticipating more dividends. Such parties will not embrace expensive changes such as increment of employees’ salaries. However, it is the responsibility of Etihad Airways management to convince the involved parties on the need for change and how the change will improve the organizations status quo. This will eliminate resistance and create a situation of easy acceptance making the transformation process a smooth operation.

Any organization is subject to change and development. The current business environment is dynamic, with both the external and internal elements changing on daily basis. Such changes pose a threat to the organization and may weaken the operations of such an organization. Taking the case of Etihad Airways, the airline is under pressure of competition. As it attempts to venture into the international markets, the aspect of cultural diversity emanates. The current state of Etihad Airways predicts a future failure in its business if a change is not initiated at early stages. Among the proposed initiatives are the transformation of its policies, culture, organizational climate, and leadership. These will help the organization to achieve inclusion, employee motivation, competitive advantage, and a larger market share and customer satisfaction.

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However, the initiation of the change and development is a process that requires a strategic approach. The organizational development practitioner will first conduct a survey to establish the need for the change. This research will come with provisions of how the change will transform the company’s status quo to a better and competitive state. The implementation process is a leadership initiative, which should begin with unfreezing; convincing the concerned on the need for change and how it will be advantageous to the organization. This will help the company to reduce risks of change resistance that may emanate from within. Upon implementation of the proposed initiative, a track down record should be established to evaluate its effectiveness and areas that require more changes. In general, change is a cooperate responsibility that requires a strategic approach to enable an organization to outcompete its rivals and gain the upper hand in existing markets.


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