Indian Civilization: History, Development, Culture and It's Influence in Modern Decorations

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A civilization or civilisation is an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. According to (Hobson, 1902), as lower individuals within a society perish by contact with a civilization to which they cannot properly assimilate themselves, so ‘lower races’ in some instances disappear by similar contact with higher races whose diseases and physical vices prove too strong for them.

Indian civilization existed about 4500 years ago. This is attributed to the arrival of the Aryans who have brought a culture to the Indus Valley society. It is known as the Vedic Age. The Vedic period was the beginning of religious life for the community as it was the birth of Hinduism. The architectural field of the building in the early history of the Indian civilization began basically with the use of land resources and the skills of wood and bricks. The contribution of India Civilization in term of city planning is the ability to create a planned city like Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa requires a combination of expertise either from the city’s location or from the point of its fill.

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The understanding of geometric, artistic, and mathematical knowledge is indispensable for the Indus Valley community to achieve excellence in urban planning. In term of science and technology, Indus Valley society is not only dependent on the sun heat to make bricks of clay and bricks are produced through high temperature combustion.India is a large country on the Asian continent, full of diverse peoples and cultural traditions. But one thing many of these cultures didn’t place much emphasis on historically was furniture. For much of India’s history, people didn’t use a lot of furniture in their homes. A few cultures in early India did have furniture-making traditions, like the fourteenth-century Vijayanagar Empire in Southern India. But the furniture was mostly ceremonial, like royal thrones. Most people in India didn’t have what we would consider furniture, things like tables, desks, dressers and chairs. With the exception of perhaps a few low chairs and cushions used for support, they usually sat on the floor, even sleeping and eating on the floor.

Prakaash Sendirian Berhad (PSB) is a company that established 2015 and PSB will technologized the product from the Indian Civilization. PSB will set up a booth at the Techno culture Fest with Indian Civilization theme. During the Techno culture Fest, PSB will promote our product that is the innovation product inspired by the home decoration of India Civilization. After did some researched, there are a lot of home decoration from the India Civilization that can be used and innovate and make it a lot better to suit with the technology in this modern era. India is popular with their architectural field of building and there are a lot of buildings built during the era and can be learnt by us. PSB focuses in the room for Indian civilization. Among them is the uniqueness of his own bed that can be shown in the Indian civilization. Charpoy have four wooden legs support an open rectangular structure filled with straps of cord rope or cord once again finished, holding weight. In India straps are often made from jute, vegetable fiber rolled into a strong thread to make straps.

It can be further supported by the work by Ibn Battuta which is Charpoy, s, H. (Hindi) charpai, from P. (Persian) chihar-pai (i.e. four-feet), the common Indian bedstead, sometimes of very rude materials, but in other cases handsomely wrought and painted. It is correctly described in the quotation from Ibn Batuta.“The beds in India are very light. A single man can carry one and every traveller should have his own bed, which his slave carries about on his head. The bed consists of four conical legs on which four staves are laid; between they plait a sort of ribbon of silk or cotton. When you lie on it you need nothing else to render the bed sufficiently elastic.”

With the technology revolution day by day, it has brought technology to simplify human life by highlighting products named Hydro Timer. The bed product uses three basic elements, namely water, temperature and pressure. This ensures the user can sleep with a comfortable fit because the temperature can be controlled according to the ideal temperature. With this product, the rate of use of water conditioner can be reduced directly to CFC production can be reduced. In-room décor can also be referred to in the room famous Indian tradition that has crossed into mainstream fashion, everyone recognises mehendi (henna) as temporary tattoos. This ancient art form involves paisley designs and floral work. A brilliant way to give your home an Indian theme would be to have henna mural art in the centre of a plain wall, giving it an instant lift.

During the techno culture fest at Universiti Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute, PSB will show our decoration of bedroom base on Indian culture. We will also prepare a few games, cuisine and several things for the judges and guest and we will try our best to entertain everyone and show the culture of Indian.

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