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Various corporates have made varying efforts to develop leaderships in their organizations. Leadership development as such has various schools of thought that its foundation is based on. Zaleznik (1977) in his article argues about a school of thought that indicates that people learn best when they are to learn from the peer group. The author (1977) believes that the leadership development happens at an early stage, as early as the time the person is grasping habits from his parents as a toddler. The development is a result of various traumas, experiences, the difficulties they had faced as children. The second of which is based on personal mastery. The main argument is on the premises that leaders have been made to a composition of over-management and under-led. The leadership that is developed in the proximity of family has indicated that they turn out to be what the author terms as ‘once-born’. These are people for whom the expectation and the realization seems to be in harmony. Also these are ones for whom the dependency on rewards and positive attachment.

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The leaders based on their experience have strong one to one relationship with their followers, these leaders at their discretion make or break their relationship as when required. There is also a viewpoint that claims that these leaders are like artists, one may not be identify this kind of leadership mainly because in the ordinary world they might not seem capable of ordinary tasks at hand. The role of those developing the person should have a keen eye and develop them to take roles that require them to lead. However, when generations of these leaders interact they learn how to leadership capabilities in each other complimentarily.

Many organizations are satisfied by creating platforms that develop leadership forgetting one important that is the readiness of the person to develop himself. The best alternative to this is to create one to one connection either by providing a coach or a mentor. The second type of leadership that is born from this school of thought is ‘Twice-born’, these leaders are those who have gone through rough patches in life and probably had a troubled childhood. Twice-born leaders base their power to influence on their rich world they have developed inside them. The second school of thought is based on the personal mastery that leader has put his efforts into. This leadership is fuelled majorly from evaluation or even mutual identification with the peers. The organizations have taken major steps in developing leadership based on peer evaluation. The belief majorly is that leadership is developed by socialization as a result the authority reduces the restraints on an individual willingness to assert in organization.

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