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Development Of Self Charging Battery

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Cross Market Compatibility

The self charging battery for cell phones would be one of a kind battery used for commercial purposes and mostly in cell phones. The battery would be rechargeable without having to plug it in any electrical outlet. The product will apparently be of use to most of the smart phones in the market, but its efficiency would be known once it is distributed in the market and feedback from consumers obtained. The sophisticated technology that the battery would come with is a tool enough to enable it get manufactured in different sizes while cutting down the total costs involved in its manufacture.

The battery is intended to be used in a variety of cell phones that are in different sizes; thus, the need to have it in varied sizes. There is the need to have the dimensions of cell phones that are currently in the market in order to have a clear picture of the sizes of battery to be manufactured. The main goal of the innovation is to come up with a self charging battery that would be compatible with the cell phones that already exist in the market. The technology to be used has been thought by many researchers to harness zero-point energy field. The zero-point energy is defined as that energy that has the capacity to boil away all the water in the oceans of the Earth (Edwards, 2013, p. 66).

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The battery would not be in any chance powered by conventional means such as the solar energy or by capturing kinetic energy. It would also not gather kinetic energy from radio frequencies from the mobile devices. Still, it would be compatible to the existing cell phones due to the technology that has been developed for up to a decade. The battery’s ability to produce energy without having to rely on the radio frequencies from cell phones is of advantage to the innovation since there would be no need to manufacture mobile phones that are compatible to the device.

As mentioned above, different types of batteries would still apply as data on the dimensions of different phones are to be collected, and compared with the initial dimensions of the innovative battery that is to be manufactured. The battery would provide the users with the convenience of never having to recharge their battery again and again. Users could also check with their service providers and at the stores for compatibility of the new product in the market.

The technology is intended to offer an attractive, simple edge for good communication while keeping the users for long while still communicating in a unique design. Currently, technology updates are concentrated on providing devices that are sleek and can provide long lasting power to users. Our innovation is, therefore, not dragging behind in terms of technology updates since the battery design is sleek and has the comfort of working throughout the day without recharging.

The product will not, therefore, be affected by the recent technology updates as the device is, in itself an update in technology. Updates in technology are also concentrated on developing the appearance of smart phones while battery life has remained an issue of major concern (Edwards, 2013, p. 67). Other solutions such as the provision of a power bank have been provided but they are still not efficient to cell phone users. Battery technology is a bit different as most devices still have to be recharged. Out innovation on cell phone battery would, therefore, not be easily affected by technology updates at this time of the century.


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