Development of Texas from 1876 to 1990

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Connecting the end of the critical reconstruction era in 1876 and the commencement of the progressive era in early 1990, City Taxes hardly shared its ostentatious wealth that had a long pragmatic history in the period that results to the title of Gilded Age in America. Importantly, as time went by population, economy, and the city expanded, while societal background and culture began to mature.

According to (Buenger 45), the population of City Texas proliferated in two main phase. The population grew from 1, 591,740 in 1880 to 2, 235, 520 by 1890 and grew to 3, 043,723 in 1900. In that regard, Texas experienced population growth from two-dimensional edges which is the natural growth of the already resident of Texas and the steady immigration that came from other states, mostly from the south. For that matter, the immigration from German and Mexico contributed to the growth of the population by 179, 350 foreign-born to the resident population. Then again, the expanding population spread to the westward with an aim to complete settlement of the state by establishing a new community in the southern plains.

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What three products dominated the Texas economy?

The economy of Texas has experienced tremendous growth in the early nineteen centuries. Ideally, the economics of Texas experienced enormous problems and changes. The central dominant aspect of Texas’s economy was agriculture. In that regard, most of the Texans engaged in farming or ranching. In that point of view, the primary product that remains planted for profit was cotton. Moreover, corn was the most vital food crop. In this context, Texas experienced an exceptional depression in the 1870 a factor that resulted in the fluctuation of the farm price. For that matter, this problem leads to the creation of the numerous debts increased mortgaged farms and an overall increase in the percentage of the tenants.

Additionally, another significant aspect that significantly contributed to the growth of the Texas economy is the gasoline mine that remains exported from the City. (Fite and Gilbert 23) opines that, this is the heart of Texas’s economy. Texas political culture and ideology well described by central three aspects; classical liberalism, populism, and social conservation. In that [point of view, traditional freedom advocated for the primary political value of the political arrangement ideology. For that matter, classical liberalism advocated for the basis of the opposition to the usage of the government to attain the social objective.

What reforms did the Grange, Farmer’s Alliance, Populists, and Progressives promote to solve the problems of new growth? Do you think they succeeded? Why or why not?

Due to the problem that farmers experienced that resulted from depression, it called for the organization of farmers that promoted social gathering, political lobbying, and agricultural education. In addition to that, the collective organization advocated for the cooperative buying and selling with an aim to search for the better prices. Grange began the farmers’ Alliance that persuaded similar goals similar to Lampasas County. (Jillson 21) alludes that, the Farmers’ alliance advocated for cooperative business efforts basing its ideology on credits in lieu of cash. Although, the enforcement of the Farmers’ Alliance failed by 1880s.

In that regard, the Alliance members turned to politics through the Populist Party. In my analysis, the alliance did not succeed because they faced opposition from different settlers. In addition to that, most of the members moved to another state. Technically, as most of the members moved to another country, the alliance lacked financial supporting that its members were offering. Consequently, they required governmental supports due to a political dilemma that City Texas was still experiencing.

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