Development of the Theory of Evolution: Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest

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  • Background
  • Natural Selection / Evolution
  • Darwin’s Work
  • My thoughts
  • Conclusion

Evolution can sometimes be described as the way living things change genetically and produce new life forms over a large period of time. (O’Callaghan, 2009) It is said that living things developed over millions of years and formed the living things that live on this planet today.


In the 19th Century, many believed that humankind was created by God and that we came from the Garden of Eden. Many believed that we have always been humans and nothing else. The idea of evolution was developed by Charles Darwin and later supported by Alfred Russel Wallace. Darwin did most of his research in the Galapagos Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean, west of South America, and his theory was first presented in 1858. This was largely due to the pressure from another naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, who had come up with similar ideas while living in Borneo. Later, Darwin published his ideas in his book The Origin of Species using Natural Selection in 1859, where he discussed the theory of evolution by natural selection. (O’Callaghan, 2009).

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Natural Selection / Evolution

[bookmark: _Hlk24356923]In biology, we evolve from generation to generation through a change of inherited traits of a certain population. These inherited physical or behavioral traits are types of genes. These genes are copied and passed to the offspring during reproduction. (Hogan, 1995). Natural selection is the survival of the fittest, the word fittest refers to being to reproduce and to survive. (Than, 2018). The theory of evolution can also be described as the survival of the fittest but also refers to the ability to survive and to reproduce. The process of evolving does not seem to be constant however, it occurs in periods of rapid change and relative stability. (Waites, 1999).

Charles Darwin believed that there is some probability just as Andrew Knight did that variability may party related to the availability of food. (Darwin, 1859).

Darwin’s Work

In Darwin’s view, people shouldn’t believe that we were all suddenly appeared as perfect beings as we now see ourselves. In several cases, this has not been our history. Natural selection changes the structure of a young’s similarity to its parent and vice versa. It seems that the external elements of life, such as climate and food, etc. can induce some slight modifications on species. The modification of the young will generally affect parts subsequently developed which is still difficult to understand. This may be why over time humans and other species experience structural change. (Darwin, 1859).

My thoughts

I believe it is hard to understand the full truth on how we are, where, and why we are today. It will always be a mystery, in my opinion, however, the theory of evolution using natural selection does create a fascinating idea of how we as a species have developed over time. Throughout my research, I have realized that there is more than one opinion on what evolution and natural selection actually is, and while they have some similarity, they are still different from each other.


It seems that evolution is the development of all species changing genetic, physical, and behavioral traits or characteristics of the species, this probably occurs over millions of years over generation to generation. In any case, it is thought that it is not possible to come to any definite conclusion as we are always evolving and changing. (Darwin, 1859). Even with extensive research on evolution, there may never be a complete and accurate definition of how species evolved to the living organisms that exist today.

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