Literary Devices in Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury: Symbolism, Imagery and Figurative Language


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How does Ray Bradbury give us a possible theme in the passage? In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury gives us a possible theme of the device by giving examples of symbolism, imagery, and figurative language. He uses these three in the passage to give a theme that everything in the story can be our future. Using this story; we can try to figure out how to prevent this from happening; we all know this is what our society is heading to. Knowledge is joyful and painful.

To begin with In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury gives us a possible theme of the device using examples of symbolism. He uses books and technology; basically, technology has taken over their society, and books are not used. Books are burned if found and if found in a house the owners’ house will be burned. The devices or in other words technology are a distraction to society. As for books are used as a way of saying they lost freedom; they lost freedom of reading books. Ray Bradbury uses technology in a way that can harm life. Letting the technology do everything for you, killing others to let your anger out, uses systems to get into your house, and watching things that have no meaning to them. This all is the use of technology; instead of reading, they let technology take our lives. According to, Firemen represent a secret police force of a totalitarian government and they burn books and houses, wherein our society today we read books and take our fires. Symbolism is used in characters too, for example, Montag is used as a hero or a gift in my eyes because as you can see he was different from everyone else from the beginning. Granger, Faber, Clarisse, and the books people all represent a freer future as they lead Montag on. They all symbolize something in the story which shows Ray Bradbury used symbolism.

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Also, In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury uses imagery to give us a possible theme of the device. In the text, Ray Bradbury uses Montag as imagery by giving us details on how he looks and where he goes. It gives us exact details like what’s on his uniform and helmet; another example would be the Hound. They describe it like a dog with eight legs, it kills and tracks down wanted/fugitives and it has a needle to kill. They describe Clarisse is described as an innocent and full-of-life girl; she is always happy and jolly. Margret, It’s easy to imagine these things, you can easily see yourself as them. Like when Montag arrived at Faber’s house in search of help. Faber notices that Montag has become aware of the wrongful things in their society; this makes Faber question Montag. Due to that Faber decides to help Montag by giving him an earpiece, which helps Faber listen to the conversation and lead Montag in the conversation with Beatty. The books are very important to Faber and as he makes it clear that they are more important to society.

In the story Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury gives us a possible theme by giving examples of figurative language. Which isn’t very different from the example of imagery. For example, at the begging of the story the water hose is being named a python; we all know that it’s not really a snake. The size of the hose is based on why they call it to compare it to a python. Another example can be the part where he compares the sun to electricity and calls it the “electronic sun” we all know for a fact that the sun is not being powered by electricity. Another important one that caught my attention is “I’m the Queen Bee, safe in the hive. You will be the drone, the traveling ear”. “The skeleton needs melting and reshaping”, based on what’s going on in this story I’m guessing this means the society needs to restart and change its ways. There are many he used; he even gave an example about the books. In the text, he said “The books leaped and danced like roasted birds, their wings ablaze with red and yellow feathers”, he is describing how the book looked while they were burning. Figurative language is when a word or phrase does not have its normal meaning. Montag was used as an example many times in the text, mainly because he’s the main character.

Knowledge is joyful and painful. This is the main theme of the text which Ray Bradbury uses figurative language, imagery, and symbolism. All three examples have a part in the theme “knowledge is joyful and painful” and there are many examples to prove this. Montag’s quest to be more aware of knowledge and more aware of the things that go on around; has caused him to burn Beatty alive. Montag chooses to fight for his rights so he did what he had to do and risks his house and safety to make things right. Montag was attacked by the Mechanical Hound and ran over by a car. Montag destroyed the hound and walked away with an injured leg, though he didn’t feel any of the pain because the hound stuck him in the leg. Montag is now wanted and he is heading to Faber’s house. Faber is shocked because things didn’t go according to plan. He wasn’t too happy with Montag but accepted it because Montag did the right thing. On there what is described as a huge wall replaced with a TV, they notice the hound is coming their way; Montag tells Faber to write down everything, spray the lawn, and all to prevent the hound from coming to his home. Montag runs to a lake where he sails to the other side, where he meets a group of men. Who are alike him and had to risk many things to escape to safety; Montag mentions what he did and they all mention their story. The war begins and Montag mentions to his wife, let’s not forget the hound is still looking for Montag but he stops at the lake because it cannot get wet, so the police find another person to take the blame.

In conclusion, Ray Bradbury gives us a possible theme of device and knowledge is painful and joyful. Montag uses imagery, figurative language, and symbolism to prove this.

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