Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Summary and Reflection

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Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: Summary And Reflection

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“Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” is written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney. It is about a kid named Greg Heffley who is struggling to fit in in his first year of middle school. At the end of almost every day he would write down his adventures that he had in that day. Greg is always so concerned on how popular he is, he thinks he is the 52 or 53 most popular but he ranks his best friend Rowley as the least popular. He tried to write a comic strip in the school newspaper thinking he could turn popular like the last boy who wrote it, but it didn’t help him.

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Greg is always having trouble with his family especially his older brother Rodrick. For example, a couple of days into summer holidays Rodrick woke up Greg and told him that he had slept thru summer. Greg fell for it because he was tired, so he went downstairs to get ready for school and when he was starting to eat breakfast his dad started yelling at him, then Greg realized that it was still dark outside. He told his dad that Rodrick played a prank on him, and that he should be yelling at him instead. They went to go see Rodrick but he pretended to sleep so he could not get in trouble. Greg’s dad still thinks he has a screw loose.

Greg focuses on a piece of cheese that has been sitting on the blacktop of the basketball court since last spring. Nobody wanted to play basketball on the court where it was. When Greg got to the school on the first day he went to go see if the cheese was still there. The cheese had probably fell off someone’s sandwich but after a while the cheese got moldy and disgusting so nobody wanted to touch it, One day a boy touched the cheese touch and nobody wanted to go near him because they were scared they would get the cheese touch. The only way to save yourself was by crossing your fingers. After that everyone would stay away from the person that had gotten touched and at the end of the year a kid named Abe got the cheese touch and he moved to California and took the cheese touch with him.

Greg’s adventures continue throughout the book as he describes all the crazy things happening to him in middle school. Another experience he had was on Halloween when he was going Trick or Treating with Rowley. His mom made them go with his dad and take Greg’s little brother Manney. Greg and Rowley only got to trick or treat at one house every twenty minutes because Manney was too scared of the houses with scary decorations. After a couple of hours Manney and his dad went home so Greg and Rowley went trick or treating by themselves. But after awhile Rowley decided he had to go to the bathroom so they went to Greg’s grandma’s house. By the time they left her house to trick or treat again it was already 10 o’clock so every house they went to the adults who opened their doors gave them the stink eye and no candy.

When they were going home a truck full of teenagers started spraying them with a fire extinguisher but Rowley was wearing a Knight costume so his shield stopped most of the spray. Greg yelled at them saying they were going to call the cops but that didn’t stop the teenagers instead they all started chasing them. Greg and Rowley ran all they way to Greg’s grandma’s house and went inside and started taunting the teenagers with monkey noises. Greg called his mom and told him we were going to stay at grandma’s house but his mom said to come home because it was a school night so Greg and Rowley crawled behind the bushes by the park to get back to their house safely.

The Things I Liked About The Book

Greg is always trying to be popular but sometimes when he tries to become popular he loses his friends and then Greg has to decide if he wants to be popular or to have only one great friend. WillGreg become popular, will he have Rowley as his best friend or will the cheese touch start again? I liked this book for many reasons but mostly because I can relate to Greg as sometimes I would like to become more popular in school too. But then like Greg I realize I would rather have a few great friends than being popular. Another way I relate to Greg is that I have an annoying brother, Even though my brother is younger than me and Greg’s brother is older than him they can be annoying or they could really help out but they will always love you (well most of the time).

The two other thing I liked about the book is that the book is not just words, it also has illustrations to show the stories better than the words could. The other reason I liked the book is because Greg is telling the story like you are inside his head instead of reading from a narrator’s perspective it helps you feel a part of the story more.

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