Diet for People with Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic disease, so it can affect your life in many ways. Managing your diabetes can be stressful. For example, feelings, when your blood glucose levels are low or really high, adds to the stress. Also, there are the worries that you might get complications, and the burden of dealing with any difficulties or problems you may already have. Sometimes I feel like I might have diabetes but, I don’t think I have it yet, because being at a really young age. My name is Yousif Almadhi, I am average weight and exercise regularly, my family had a history of diabetes, my dad used to have diabetes and his life was impacted a lot due to him being on restricted diets, have to test daily for blood pressure, etc. I am really scared of getting it even though am afraid that I might have it.

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Diabetes can affect your life on diets, movements like running, and just the way you live your life, such as The never-ending demands of diabetes care, such as eating carefully, exercising, monitoring blood glucose, and scheduling and planning, Symptoms of low or very high blood glucose, Fears about or the reality of complications, etc. These are all factors that must be considered if you plan on eating lots of sugar or foods that cause diabetes you must consider whether you are willing to agree to all that.

Foods that cause diabetes Red meat and processed red meat are both linked to type 2 diabetes. Many processed foods like bacon, hot dogs, and deli meats are really bad because of their high levels of sodium and nitrites. There are many more that must be really on a do not eat list. I eat a lot of those and it caused me to have many symptoms. Such as what I explained in the top section.

My diet made me discover a lot of stuff about my health. It made me more concerned about what kind of disease I might be exposed to? I started my research by finding out what kind of symptoms I’m currently having and what kind of risk factors are leading me to have diabetes. first, I looked into my diet and analyze what I don't consume and what I need to consume. Secondly, I looked into my family history where I found my dad had diabetes. It all started later, where he was aging to the point his body was weak and unbearable. We rushed him to the hospital and the doctor checked him and he was diagnosed with diabetes, so he was sent to a doctor who specializes in diabetes so he can be treated. The specialist saw him and noticed that he had type 2 diabetes, then he was prescribed medications such as insulin shot and restricted diet.

Currently, my diet shows that I have lots of sodium and fats, any food that I eat I add salt to it, and I eat lots of fat and unhealthy food such as fast foods. My diet has taught me that I'm at a lot of risk because I consume too much sodium and fats which can make me have other diseases such as heart disease. I started to be more precise with my diet to the point I made a diet schedule for myself. I started to eat healthy foods such as proteins, salads, and grains. More exercising can keep you safe from any problems and it also helps make the muscle of the heart stronger and stronger. I also started to run a lot where I run almost a mile every day to maintain my shape and have more physicality. Water is a big factor in my life where I drink a lot of water every day to stay hydrated. For me to keep these risk factors away from my life, I had to change my lifestyle. I always try to be better every day because my health is above everything.

No one is overweight in my family matter of fact, everyone eats decent portion sizes and we all maintain a healthy diet most of the time, but it's usually me who goes out and eats unhealthy food and doesn’t maintain a healthy diet. I exercise regularly and I try to drink milk so I can keep my calcium up because when I was little I reached a point where I couldn’t get up on my feet due to inefficiency in calcium and drinking lots of Pepsi.           

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