Difference Between Civil Rights and Civil Human Liberties

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Table of Contents

  • Definition of Civil Rights
  • Definition of Human Rights
  • Conclusion of Main Difference Between Civil Rights And Human Rights

Every other day we find residents protesting that their rights were infringed upon. They make newspaper headlines the next day. Rightfully so. There are concerns about rights abuse across the various war zones in the Middle East and Africa. While most of these incidents are brought to public notice, there are many others that remain in the oblivion. While penning their thoughts, bloggers, as well as journalists, use these terms interchangeably. While it may seem that these terms are same, little are they mindful about the delicate variance between these two terms. So, let us now grasp what the difference between civil rights and human rights is?

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Definition of Civil Rights

Let us initiate with the definition of civil rights. Civil rights is the privileges that anyone can enjoy by being a citizen of any country or state. The civil rights are instrumental in defending the individuals from injustice by others. While the core may be necessarily the same, there may be differences in the enactments that are laid down in each country. Each country has demographics that are significantly different from another. Keeping this in mind, the statutes are different as may be laid down by each nation. Civil rights are based on the enactments in the nation and pertain to the different religious and cultural standards that may be prevalent in the nation.

Definition of Human Rights

Now let us find out what the definition of human rights is. No one can deny you these rights. You inherit these rights from the day you were born. Human rights are the vital liberties you are entitled to as a human. These are universally accepted irrespective of any race, religion or country you are from. Some of the human rights are the right to live, the right to education, etc. Towards the protection of these privileges, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been adopted.

Conclusion of Main Difference Between Civil Rights And Human Rights

We have now gone through the variance that exists in civil liberties and human rights in great detail. You acquire human rights from the day you were born irrespective of any country. However, your civil rights will depend on the country you belong to. So, human rights are universally accepted. This is the reason why the United Nations are able to intervene in the internal affairs of any country when they feel that human rights are being violated. Of course, after resolutions are passed in the General Assembly. We sincerely hope you have been able to grasp the difference between the two terms.

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