Difference Between High School and College


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Schooling is a great portion of many lives, whether it’s only as a child, or going back to try for a better life. Through school some lifelong friends can be made, it is the time you grow and network yourself and truly develop a version of yourself. Even though this is where you do your growing and learning, they still have many differences.

One comparable difference is the environment you are in. High school differs from college mainly by people. All of the students share an age gap of 4 years, which makes students have many common interests. With college ages differ, students that just completed high school, middle-aged, no matter who, everyone is working towards better knowledge for a better life. Colleges and high schools often have different levels of construction. Since college can often be mostly funded by the students, things can often be nicer, lobbies, bathrooms, and classrooms can have nicer seating or newer computers for students to use. High school is often not paid for by students but through tax. High schools aren’t always the nicest and certain places and can be very low budget due to the low income of the surrounding area.

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The people in high school are all in your age gap, they share common interests due to age and environment as well. Since almost none of the students attending are considered adults, maturity isn’t a very common thing with the students. College is all new faces, people from plenty of places can often travel hundreds of miles just to attend a certain school. All of these students know different people and that’s where networking yourself becomes a much larger thing to do. Everyone in college isn’t pursuing the same education as you would in high school, so every class can be different.

The largest part that stands out to me with schooling is your responsibility. In high school, students often have nearly no responsibilities outside of school. They aren’t interested in learning, and attitudes always differ. Students run away from work and teachers help enforce you completing the work so you can pass the classes. Teachers can often have to shove students along, whether by punishment or calling parents. College is learner-driven. Students pay money through loans or large parts of their savings, so attitudes are typically dedicated to complete the schooling they worked hard towards. The teacher’s job isn’t to shove you along anymore with the grades, and it isn’t their responsibility to help you pass unless you try to get help.

Whether we like school or not, we need it. It can be the best times of your life or one of the largest struggles. Being able to choose what you want to learn and pursue for your life makes the college experience that much better. High school and college may be different for all of these reasons, but you meet great people in both, and hopefully learn something along the way.    

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