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Differences Of Intelligent Design And Natural Selection

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Since the day that Charles Darwin imposed his theory of Evolution and therefore his idea of natural selections there has been a debate between the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism. The main part of the debate lays in the question: Where did we can from? What made or created the earth and all living thing around us? Was it an Intelligent Design by a God? Or simply was it evolution? I say the debate needed to end because it is harming science more than benefiting it. There must be a way that both sides can strongly agree on, and find a common grounds or even a better solution is to allow Intelligent Design to co-exist with the idea of natural selection. First we must under stand what both intelligent design and Natural selection are.

Intelligent design (ID) or the modern day theory of creationism is an anti-evolution belief that asserts that natural explanations of some biological entities are not possible and such entities can only be explained by intelligent causes. Intelligent design maintains that the belief is scientific and provides for the existence of God or super intelligent aliens. The argument from design used to prevail as an explanation of the natural world until of the Origin of Species was published in 1859. [6] It says that the universe and all living things are best explained by an intelligent cause rather than an undirected process such as natural selection. That means that everything round us is the cause of being created by a higher power; a God. It claims that intelligent design should be taught in the science classroom as an alternative to the science of evolution because “it is a science that avoidably impacts religion”. [1] The arguments of the ID believers may seem like a repeat of the creationist arguments, but the defenders of ID claim that they do not reject evolution simply because it does not fit with their understanding. However, they present natural selection by saying that the universe could not have been designed or created, which is nonsense. To deny that God has the power to create living things using natural selection is to assert something unknowable. The natural world contains abundant evidence of a supernatural creator and it is impossible to say that all living organisms were derived from a single unicell bacterium, which over the years evolved to different species.

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In order to further understand the dilemma between intelligent design and natural selection we need to further explore the idea of natural selection. Natural selection is the process by which occurs over successive generations. It is a selected trait in a species that is changed because it is significant to the species existence and it is the cause of evolution, a phenomena first discovered by Charles Darwin. In other words or as described in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia it is the “basic concept of natural selection is that the physical and biological environment (“nature”) selects individuals that are endowed with variant traits which improve survival and/or reproduction (adaptive traits) and selects against individuals burdened by traits that are unfavorable (maladaptive traits).”[2] The theory postulated that adaptive evolution by natural selection can let populations change ecologically and continue on changing until they become different species. Natural selection therefore has a special significance first because it is responsible for the evolution of organism traits that appear to be adapted to better adapt to the environment; and second, because it is believed to have led to an “adaptive divergence” [5] of populations, which tries to explains why there are millions of species rather than a single species. We can know say that evolution is the process of natural selection that it is a never ending process of improvement of every living organisms and that it is not controlled by a higher power; in fact, it has no design and contradicts with intelligent Design and creationism.

The problem that occurs between intelligent design and natural selection is that both theory can’t be fully proven and seen by the human eye nor can it be touched by hand. People and scientists are still making up their minds on which of the two unproven theories should they consider. On one hand intelligent design requires faith in a supernatural power; God, in order to fully understand and accept its ideas. On the other hand natural selection requires an understanding in the biology of living organisms and requires the reading of one book in particular The Origin of Species. And even after meeting the requirements to either believe in one theory or the other they can never be satisfied by an exact idea. A person that believes in evolution for example, beliefs that live started from a single cell and over the year evolved by the process of natural selection that guaranteed that the species would be able to exist in the surrounding environment and therefore it is a never ending cycle and a natural cycle that exists simultaneously. But a person that believes in intelligent design automatically believes in creationism which implies believing in God. A supporter or believer of intelligent design beliefs that living things show signs of having been designed. Intelligent design supporters argue that living creatures and their biological systems are way too complex to be accounted for by Darwin theory of evolution and the idea of natural selection, and that a designer or a higher intelligence may be responsible for their complexity and the detail in their creation.

Some Intelligent design proponents do not disagree with most of Darwin’s original claims about evolution. They do, however, believe that random genetic mutation or’ as Darwin calls it evolution and natural selection cannot always explain certain biological phenomena, such as the human eye or the body’s blood clotting mechanism. Intelligent design supporters argue that for these systems to develop by a slow gradual series of mutations is impossible, which implies that a designer may have supervised the process and it still supervising the progress in the earth and all it living organisms.

It is obvious now that both theories are the complete opposite of each other and that by implied one you eliminate the other, but the problem here is that both theories, when proved automatically disproves the other. I believe that both theories can work hand in hand to answer the question: where did we come from? And be the solution to the fight over intelligent design and natural selection. The idea of both theories co-existing together might be hard to comprehend by many scientists. The solution to this dilemma can start by understanding the point of view of evolution from its roots, which is that the cycle of live started from a single cell. But how did this single cell; also know as the arcibacteria, come to be? It could have just created it self by it own, something must have brought it to existence, something must have put live and order in it DNA components that cause it to evolve in to eventually a fully capable mammal. That brings us to the conclusion that there must have been a creator or an intelligent designer that designed this first living organism and implanted the feature of natural selection in its DNA components.

The solution that I want to propose is as follows: let us say that a live was designed by a supernatural power or a God, or by the theory of intelligent design. Let us also say that It was a requirement for all living things including their surrounding (environment) to change and coop; therefore, it was necessary to allow living organism to evolve in order to adapt to the environment around them, implying that Natural selection was part of the intelligent design but in as matter of fact it is the intelligent design it self. Natural selection was intelligently design and imbedded in every living organism and it is the natural law that every species need to change in order to adapt to its environment. It works to guarantee the survival of all species that were capable of adapting to the ever changing surroundings. In brief I’ll say that God intelligently designed the universe with all it living organism so that it obeys a set of physical and natural laws and boundary conditions that we can understand, and it is a good working system and that biological evolution by natural selection is a consequence of the creation of the universe and all living organisms.

In summary of the dilemma and the solution, I will say that to further understand how life was created and how it continued to exist in the ever changing world we live it we might be interested by the idea of applying science with religion. Maybe combining the likes of Charles Darwin’s book The Origin of Species with the Bible and the Q’uran


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