Different Cultures' Significant Influence on Colombia

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There are many other qualities that Colombia has to offer. Colombia is a country in South America in the northwestern part of the continent. Bogota may be a chaotic city, but it is also Colombia's capital. When people hear of Colombia, they immediately think of drug trafficking and attractive women. Many different cultures influence Colombia. First, its culture unites people together into a society. Secondly, culture forms common interests; it also provides essential social and economic benefits. In Colombia's cultures, the community can be untied through representations of its particular elements.

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Colombia's coffee is famous worldwide for its flavor and rich aroma that floats with every brew. There are many secrets to Colombia's success regarding brewing coffee that not very many people can master. According to a Colombia Co article, coffee beans grow best in volcanic soils, making the coffee flavorful. ( Colombia's coffee has a different taste compared to other countries. It has an intense, sweet, caramel sweetness after swallowing a sip.

The Amazon rainforest and river cover the southern part of Colombia, making it possible to enter the woods. Many species inhabit the Amazon. Most if not everyone knows about piranhas and how they are among the most dangerous fish in the river. Travelers or citizens from Colombia report a few attacks because of certain situations in the forest. The forest (a virtual repository of natural resources) plays a crucial role in stabilizing the world's rainfall patterns. The forest holds over 100 billion tons of carbon in its trees (Nature and Culture International). Although visiting the forest may be dangerous, it is one of the most well-known places to visit.

The Andes are the most extended Mountain Range in the world and boasts some of the highest peaks. The massive continental range is born from a single mountain range in the Nariño Department and is known as the 'Nudo de Almaguer.' One fascinating fact is that these mountain ranges split into two (Redgrin Blu web). This mountain is worth visiting.

San Andres is a small island in the northwestern area of Colombia. Being one of the most tropical places to visit, the hotels' prices are overpriced, although they are right. One of the best resorts in San Andres is the Maryland Decameron Resort. While visiting, they offered excellent service and served exceptional food. In San Andres, visitors can find fun activities to do with their families, such as boat rides, consuming traditional meals, and snorkeling. The reflection of the moon lying across the dark blue water will only leave visitors wanting to see it again the next night. It's worth stopping by for a visit and to experience new change.

There are a plethora of sights and activities to do throughout the visit. For example, horseback riding is well known in Colombia. Citizens in Colombia let strangers ride horses on paths for approximately thirty minutes, and it is a fantastic experience. For a perfect view of Bogota, Colombia is upon a mountain called Monserrate. The Monserrate is a large church with a memorial devoted to El Señor Caído. When visitors arrive at the top of the mountain, people realize many tourists come to visit. It contains restaurants, souvenir shops, and the church itself. Cartagena, Medellin, and Santa Marta all include stunning national parks and comfortable beaches. states that Travis Crockett traveled to Colombia and seemed like the country had been awaiting him with open arms: 'I like the way Colombians welcome foreigners,' he says. 'They are willing to share their history and culture with others, and they make you feel at home' ( Colombia is diverse and colorful. It's one of the unique countries in the world. It's not just all the things listed, but there are many more things to do and more things to see in the beautiful County of Colombia.

One of the biggest holidays they celebrate is their Independence. Colombia celebrates its Independence Day on July 20th. Today, their Independence Day is celebrated with parades and marches throughout Colombia. Watching sports and listening to traditional folk music are popular activities. The reasoning for their Independence Day, the Spanish first arrived in Colombia in 1499, founding the first permanent settlement in 1510. Limiting their growth and Spanish support for the Americans in the US war of Independence increased taxation (Office Holidays Ltd). However, their Independence led to small and ineffective rebellions. Following the Napoleonic Wars and the turmoil in Europe, Criollos (natives born of Spanish descent) who wanted Independence seized their chance (Office Holidays Ltd). On their independence day, it's full of their culture just in one place; it truly is a holiday to look forward to celebrating their Independence.

The typical holidays they celebrate are Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, and New Years'. These holidays are celebrated like any holiday would. During the holidays they celebrate with their family and eat food, have paraded around the cities and watch sports. The different holidays America does not celebrate are St.Joseph's Day, Independence of Cartagena, and Day of the Races (Office Holidays Ltd). During the holidays they celebrate with their family and eat food, have paraded around the cities and watch sports.

Colombian food is not spicy, and it does not feature dishes with names like a taco, enchiladas, or tortas. Latin American cultures have different dishes with flavors. It all comes in different sizes and different seasonings. People will find many chickens, beef, fish, arepas, empanadas, rice, plantains, and soup on the menu. Many of these Colombian dishes are always served with Arepa and rice on the side. What is an arepa? Arepa can be made in different ways, but in restaurants, they serve it as bread but mozzarella cheese in the middle. 

Arepa is always served as a side for the main dish. Another fantastic food they have is Empanadas. This meal is a type of fried turnover consisting of pastry with filling. It can be filled with rice, beef, chicken, and potatoes with salsa on the side. Every family member in Colombia makes their empanadas different. The list goes on, but one traditional food they have is called Sudado. People who live in Colombia know very well that any Sudado is the best meal of the day. Sudados are the type of food eaten the most in Colombia, especially at lunchtime.

Not many people know but, Carlos Vives is a world star musician in Colombia. Gaira Café was created in 1998. Carlos Vives and his brother Guillermo own the restaurant. They opened the doors of Gaira Café for the first time eight years later after having it in a garage. The song called 'La bicicleta' joined the business to put the label Gaira Música Local, where he has his recording studio, and Gaira Música (El Comercio). They provide tasteful food, drinks, and the service there is spectacular. The difference between their food compares to other Latin American countries.   

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