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Different Strategies to Attract Different Crowds Used By MLB

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MLB: Industry Analysis

Professional baseball players, such as Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, etc. all made a name for the Major Baseball League (MLB). The MLB has progressed and evolved so much since the first baseball team to ever form in the US, The Cincinnati Red Stockings, to now having 30 professional league teams in the country. Baseball is probably the only sport that started in America. The MLB is considered one of the major professional sports leagues in the USA. The MLB has excellent merchandising and marketing techniques, excellent broadcasting, a huge and loyal fan base and is a highly competitive league. Today, there is no single team that is better than the rest. However, there are still problems the MLB faces when it comes to expansion in the economical world. For example, the MLB has still yet to tap into the Asian market, which is a continuously growing economy. With America’s economy going through ups and downs and slowing down, it is affecting a majority of the teams in the league.

There are many opportunities and threats that the MLB faces. When it comes to opportunities, the MLB has a chance to expand their marketing into Asia, and they can do so by implementing marketing and merchandising strategies in Europe in order to attract the interest of the Asian market. They can also expand their marketing strategies by involving a larger fan base and expanding it into different nations across the globe. The best way to increase the fan base is by implementing world tours for the different teams.

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When it comes to the different threats that the MLB faces, these can include threats from the rising popularity of other sports in the country, such as soccer. With people becoming so interested in other sports, such as soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. it is easy for the MLB to face issues in losing popularity. Also, there is the threat of increased use of drugs, such as steroids in the baseball. Nowadays, many players are getting suspended for the use of anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. Also, as many players get older, they feel that they must take performance enhancement drugs in order to stay in good shape. With the amount of money that baseball players make, which can range from $4 million to $29 million.

Baseball is such a well known sport in America mainly because it was one of the first sports to ever catch interest in the American population. As any sport, it started with a casual interest in seeing men play baseball, then it led to building a fanbase. Many industries saw how people became so interested in sports, that they began using the interest to build an economical industry. Sports magazines began printing, their were sports television and radio broadcasting networks strictly dedicated to showing sports, and the creation of sports memorabilia and merchandise. Going back to how baseball was a such a competitive sport and the MLB was a competitive league, back in 90s, new teams had to pay $130 million in order to join the league. When it comes to the owners of professional baseball teams, they are a very important factor in the economic success of the MLB, because they have consistently awarded professional players with a hefty salary and have continued to satisfy the demands of the players that they signed.

The MLB continues to change, and in today’s society, many people still feel the same way about baseball. If anything, they are more passionate about baseball and its involvement with the community. An example of how MLB has created a positive effect on society today is how the Cleveland Indians have become more popular, causing a rise in attendance. When the Indians started to win games, people became more interested in their success and began investing more of their time and money in the league, whether it was from buying tickets and attending games, or just tuning in on sports television networks. Players are also becoming more involved with their fans by communicating through their social media accounts. Baseball stadiums also implement their own strategy to bring in more revenue, such as family days, which would include family activities and bringing children onto the field during intermission. The MLB industry continues to use different strategies to attract different crowds from across the country, such as different races, age groups, genders, etc.


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