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Different Styles Used for Expressing Love in Poetry

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When one wants to compare or contrast poems, ethos, pathos, and logos bring out the expected contrast or comparison. Use of poems is a good way of expressing and delivering any message. Both ‘Magic of love’ by Helen Farries and ‘love poem’ by John Farries try to expound their titles. The titles they have been given are not contradicting with the messages being conveyed by their bodies. Like it is known, the persona can use a title that symbolizes something else apart from what the reader may think the same title means. However, the two poems have been given titles that rhyme with the message on their bodies. Therefore, both poems share the same theme. However, the way these authors express their ideas is different from their poems. They show love from various dimensions in which each one of them takes it through the use of different styles like rhyme and syntax.

Helen Farries tries to capture love as a kind of thing that can also be explained as gentle. She tries to win it as something more valuable beyond a point that humans can fathom. Through her explanation, a bright tone is created where she says that just by loving each other, all the problems that may befall a person fade away. She compares love to a blessing which would mean that the individual who loves you is sent by God to bring the best things for you in your life. The love poem has twenty-four lines. It has four stanzas that create rhyme at the end of each fourth line in all its four verses. The stylistic devices that have been used show that this is a modern poem. The persona in the first stanza introduces his lover in a weird way that builds an image of a complicated kind of a person as the character is portrayed in the poem as stated by Meyer, Michael, (2010).

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The explanation and descriptions, however, make the reader love the character despite the faults of her nature that have been brought to light. The heightened tone is then dropped slowly in the second stanza where the character is said to make the refugee stand uncomfortably in the doorway and makes the changing world of a drunkard stay still. She is also said to be a taxi drivers terror creating a sense of humor by awkwardly using an example of traffic.

Both poems have used rhyme as a stylistic device to help convey and stress the message to the reader. The personas in both poems seem to have found the importance of including rhyme in their poems in that the style would invoke the feelings of the reader to understand better the message intended to be understood. This would help the user to move along with the message that comes from each sentence of the poems as stated by Samuel,(2009). For example, love poem by John has used the words ring, thing, coat float among others in a few of its sentences while the magic of love has used words like above and loved at the end of a few of its sentences.

The poem magic of love leaves the reader deeply thinking about the effects of finding love and the great things that can happen after that. The poem portrays love as a pearl that brings heavens to the person who finds it. It states that “ it can comfort and bless, it can bring happiness, you will find it if you do all your dreams come true” here, the reader is caught in an illusion imagining of the great things like blessing and dreams coming true just by finding love. These are a few of the things that all humans expect to find at least at one point in their lives, and if this stuff can be accessed in love, then it is easy for a person to start building images of these great things in the mind. On the other hand, the statements “At whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring, “with words and people and love you move at ease,” among other statements all create images in the reader’s mind. The person being spoken of here seems to be a true meaning of perfection, filled with the kind of love that every person cannot evade. The effects of the existence of this person as explained bring about consequences that the reader would not hesitate to see in his mind.

Both poems have used foreshadowing as a way of showing the last effects of love. Both show that out of love, something is expected to happen. Love poems state that “For should your hands drop white and empty all the toys of the world would break.” The statement here is possibly expected to mean that if the persona misses this person he is talking about in his life, then he might lose his life. The poem magic of love has used the statement, “you will find if you do, all your dreams will come true.” The persona here is trying to explain that it is out of love that the expectation of the person who finds it becomes real. Here, it shows that love is a thing worth fighting for because its outcomes are sweet to anyone’s life. Whoever believes it will ultimately have all what he ever desired for.Both poems have made use of simile as a stylistic device. Comparison of love with few things has been used to heighten the reader’s mood and capture his attention to continue reading the next sentence and probably the whole poem. According to Leech & Geoffrey, (2014).

By using a simile, the reader’s attention is captured. Helen Farries compares love to the sun and a star. Nims, on the other hand, uses simile to compare the pale nature of headlights as a dime. This comparison captures the reader’s attention to read the next statement with an expectation of understanding the statement he has read from the next.

The poem magic of love by Helen Farries, however, sounds so fantastic for any reader and creates a happy mood that makes one have the feeling to continue reading it. However, the poem makes the reader feel like it was designed by a kid due to its rhythm and the flow of words that even the most uneducated person can comprehend and understand. The style used here is of a low level that makes it perfectly understand and one can derive even the most hidden meaning from it. The juvenile styles used such as “the wonderful magic of love” are a statement that backs up all this. The mere mention of love in almost all the sentences of the stanzas in this poem also shows it. There is the use of an obvious rhyme scheme and simple punctuations that only flows around commas, exclamation marks and dashes showing that the style used is not complex at all. The poem has depicted love as something that is worth a celebration, and it has not tried to explain the realities that would follow if love fails.

To be precise, Nim’s poem, the love poem gives a clearer picture of love and how it can be cherished. Unlike in magic of love where love is shown to have no faults making it seem perfect in all the ways, Nim tries to capture the realities on the ground. He does not use little imaginations from the specter of perfection, but h e tries to make love more real as it is. He attempts to explain a complex form of love by the use of more complex stylistic devices unlike the simple style of Helen ferries poem.

He tries to personify love by creating faults accompanied by the good that comes out of love. He tries to make it real by creating an illusion of the bad that accompanies love and yet one has to embrace it despite the bad that comes about with it. In his explanation, he creates an image of how the character in the poem leaves traces in every person who tries to go after her love. These marks can never be forgotten yet one is willing to go for more to win this love. A sense of stability is created by the character that seems to be all over the people who are in dire need of her love. She seems reckless, and every one of them sees her negative side. She touches everyone, and they all yearn for more, but the true meaning of this is that she only wants to brighten the souls and life of everyone around her making them happy as stated by Brown, (2005). Despite the fact that these people around her see this, they are all willing and want to have more of her love which seems impossible because they are only wrecked on her journey to making everyone happy.

Nim uses a positive-negative pattern which brings about an element of balance. Her negative side seems to be neutralized by the good that is in her life. The metaphorical nature of this poem tries to explain the qualities of the person in question. This is backed up by the imagery nature of the poem. The good side of love and its real feelings can be simplified by the way she is lenient and kind to the strangers while her recklessness nature is the bitter side that one has to go through in a bid to find and keep love.

Despite all the similarities and the differences that have been noted, the two poems have driven their point home through the use of all the noted stylistic devices. This has ensured that the intended meanings have been conveyed to their readers. The use of rhythm, rhyme, diction among others is just an example of the styles that have been used. The words used have been selected carefully, and this makes both the poems unique in their ways.


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