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Different Views on the Role of Technology of Nicholas Carr & Kevin Kelly

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The future is a time period of the unpredictable. No one knows whether the future will hold a positive impact or not, but it is something everyone should be aware of. Just as an example, when smartphones came into society in a short span of time, and was quickly normalized in culture, but it was a quick change no one expected. Technology has progressed so quick that new generations growing up are unaware of rapid change being a big deal. It has helped us advance not only by technological products, but also in which the way people think, act, and even learn.

Nicholas Carr and Kevin Kelly have different views on the role of technology and how it might change us much more in the coming future. In this essay I will be explaining why Kevin Kelly’s “Why Robots will-and Must Take Our Jobs” is much more persuasive in discussing the more realistic impact of future technology than Nicholas Carr. I will be discussing both pieces while going through their details, then comparing both of them together and conclude with my opinion on what piece was personally more persuasive.

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Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is about the way Google and other technologies affect humans. In the beginning of the article, Carr references from a scene in the movie “2001: Space Odyssey”. During the specific scene, Hal, a super computer, is being dismantled of it’s main cores and the machine speaks out begging for his life. Carr refers to this scene because he compares our minds to the machine being similar (319). The only difference is that us as humans, we are sabotaging ourselves by gaining less and less attention span and critical thinking. Carr argues this point by bringing up that humans are not learning information the right way. This is due to consumption of less information than we ordinarily should as Carr states.

Another statement Carr talks on is that he states we believe Google has all the answers and we don’t put in extra effort of doing deeper research. If we were to have deeper thought on what information we would take in, it changes us to not deal with complex situations and understand difficult text. In the article, human intelligence is described as decreasing because of people not taking information in as much, and much rather just obtain the information needed to move forward rather than to actually learn and obtain information thoroughly. Next is Kevin Kelly’s piece, which is on another point of view.

Kelly’s “Better Than Human: Why Robots Will – And Must – Take Our Jobs”, Kelly argues that technology is good and necessary for our society to expand and grow. Kelly uses history as a prime example of how technology changed society, the Industrial Revolution. The introduction began with the explaining of the Industrial Revolution and the cross over from farming based careers to “manning the legions of factories that churned out farm equipment, cars, and other industrial products” (300). He goes on forward to explain that technology has not fully taken over our jobs but rather created more than before. That does mean though that eventually automation will take over the majority of jobs, which would be replacing us humans. People might think that it is a bad think that we are losing our jobs, but kelly explains that the takeover of robots/AI will make us create easier and better paying jobs.

Kelly mentions that we as humans can never surpass technology, it will always be better than us no matter what, we just have to cooperate and work together for a better future. As he states, “If we can’t beat them, join them”. Then Kelly exerts that “ It doesn’t matter if you are a doctor, lawyer, architect, reporter… The robot takeover will be epic… And it has already begun.”, which means that at the current moment progress is being made for our everyday tasks to be easier by machines (301).Altogether both pieces share great arguments for each of their respective views. Nicholas Carr and Kevin Kelly clearly have different views on the role that technology plays in the workforce and everyday life. As both authors have great points that relate to current era ideas and events, Kelly’s text appears more plausible. Kevin Kelly understands that no matter what we think, nothing will stop the evolution in technology. Another persuasive reason is due to the way that the author’s tone speaks and the information that is presented as well. Kelly stated his opinions more clearly and explained what we have to look forward too.

Kelly uses history to show that technology will take our jobs by using The Industrial Revolution as a prime example (299). Carr’s does not provide facts unlike Kelly’s piece, which has a more realistic outcome. Carr’s “Is Google making us stupid”, his main view was based upon his extreme bias side which could possibly have his audience cower away from his ideology. Kelly believes, unlike Carr’s that technology is a good thing and he has a much more positive outlook on the future in regard to it. Nicholas Carr’s “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” is truly not very optimistic and not focused on realistic future technology, which is why Kevin Kelly has a more persuasive impact on the reader with reason and logic.


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