Different Ways to Apologize as Different Antidotes

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Apologizing is like an antidote, it can solve many problems. 'Apologize' is a beautiful vocabulary. It is a modifier of interpersonal relationship, allowing people to talk deeply and share happiness together. People cannot escape from doing wrong. Just like sometimes the teeth will bite into the tongue, there is always some embarrassment. People always have mistakes, and it is good to change mistakes. If you make a mistake, you should apologize, instead of waiting for others to blame and criticize. It is better to take the initiative to apologize for forgiveness.

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Many people think that an apology is an embarrassing thing. So for the sake of face, for self-respect and vanity, it is even more unwilling to lower the humble. Some people will worry that the other party will not accept their apology and do not know how the other party will treat their apology. So no matter who is wrong, not only will not apologize, but also believe that apology is a kind of weak performance.

In fact, an apology does not mean cowardice, nor does it mean retreat. What matters is the way and method of apology. For different things, different relationships, you can choose a different, more appropriate way of apology. The way to apologize is mainly divided into two major categories: direct and indirect. Of course, a direct apology is a verbal apology. Direct apology is more useful when the impact of your mistakes is small, if you apologize, you can end this thing right away. Such as if you accidentally step on someone else's foot, or you spill someone's water, or you break someone else's pen, or in the classroom, the phone is not tuned to the silent mode, and the phone ringing disturbs the teacher’s course. When this kind of small things happen, the most succinct and effective is to apologize directly (apologize in person). A direct apology is the most apology for showing attitude and seeking truth from facts. So a direct apology is the most frequently used apology.

Indirect apology being used more when things develop more complexly and that will affect a wider area. Indirect apologies can also be divided into many different small ways.

When a good friend quarrels or a couple is awkward, you can choose an action apology. Pick a suitable gift according to the other person's preferences or ask the other person to eat at a meaningful restaurant. Boys can go shopping with their girlfriends or watch movies. At this time, the apology that the other party needs may be more than just a 'Sorry, my fault.' or 'I am wrong.' What is more needed is what you can do actually. Choosing to send a gift or to do something with the other person is a more sincere and meaningful way of apologizing. Or if there is a conflict with the elders, you can help parents to share some housework, or make a meal for parents, and turn their apologies into action, which will be more touching to the parents. It not only deals with the contradiction between interpersonal relationships, but also further increases the emotional depth. Action apology is more suitable for people with more intimate relationships, they care more than just solving this contradictory dispute, but more about their interpersonal relationships and feelings. You can also choose to write a letter. This is a more traditional way of communication, but the text is really a good inner expression, and you don't want to say that you can use writing instead. So even if the action apology is higher than the cost of a direct apology, the usage rate is very wide.

In addition to expressing apologies with actions, you can use the Internet to apologize. There are many people who choose not to apologize because they feel ashamed. The internet is a great bridge to help these 'shame' people. Some people will ask, 'How will the Internet being used?' You can use the Internet to send messages to the other party and send emails. Those who are not ashamed to say anything can be communicated by the Internet. Use some words that express your sincere apologies to adjust the contradiction. The Internet is the most widely used, and it is not limited by geography and time. Even when you are in the distance, you can feel the warmth. No matter how far you are from your friends and your family, you can develop your relationship very well, because the bridge of the internet is really long and strong.

Another way to apologize is to use time to apologize. Many contradictions and conflicts are caused by excitement of both sides. Sometimes everyone calms down and quietly think that things are not as serious as they think. In our daily life, when you have some opinion conflict with your mom, your mom always say “let yourself calm down and think whether you have done wrong and what is the mistake.” In fact, when you let yourself calm down and think about it, the conflict resolves during the time. But if you choose not to sit still and think, but to continue arguing with your mom and sticking to your own opinion, the conflict will get worse. Time, silence, and thinking are all ways to apologize, but this is an implicit apology. Use time to solve everything and let time dilute the anger at the time.

Therefore, making mistakes is not terrible. Just choose the right way and method to apologize, and the relationship between you can still be as good as ever, even more intimate. Choose different ways according to different situations and different conditions. Use different antidote to make your future better.

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