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Digibyte (dgb) - the Functional Version of Bitcoin (btc)

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Digibyte (DGB): Bitcoin (BTC) came into existence out of the failure of centralized system. It actually came into existence in the heat of the 2008 financial analysis. However, as it became more popular, its limits began to emerge, including its inability to operate efficiently at scale. This has led to multiple forks all trying to solve this problem. But these forks all have other issues, including the fact that they are heavily centralized. Bitcoin (BTC)’s problems also led to an explosion of altcoins (more than 1000 of them), all trying to solve its problems in one or the other.

Unfortunately most of them are tokens that don’t have their own blockchains. Most of them are also pre-mined, which makes them heavily centralized, and far away from the whole essence of blockchain technology. This explains why more experts are coming to the consensus that in the long-run, up to 90% of the altcoins in existence today will die off. They are not decentralized, and lack the ability to solve the problems that they pride themselves in solving. Even on the issue of transaction speeds, the only reason many of them can report exemplary numbers is because they are yet to be tested at scale. When used at a global level, most of them would crumble.

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What the world really needs is something that has the strengths of bitcoin, but is functional. In other words, the world needs Digibyte (DGB). Like bitcoin (BTC), Digibyte is a true UTXO blockchain, and prides itself in having the longest UTXO. This simply means that it is almost impossible to do a double spend attack on Digibyte. This aspect of security gives it really value, in the application of blockchain technology for real-world usage, including as a currency.

DGB also truly adheres to the ideals of blockchain, especially decentralization. From the very beginning, Digibyte has always been decentralized. It was never controlled by any single entity and has always been a community of people who believe in decentralization. Its high level of decentralization is evident in its core wallet that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, all across the world. Decentralization is what attracted people to crypto in the first place, and the fact that Digibyte is one of the few cryptos that has still maintained it, makes it the perfect pick in a crowded market.

Digibyte is also designed to scale on-chain, while maintaining its core strength of decentralization. That’s quite unlike bitcoin whose scaling options such as the lightning network, would lead to a more centralized entity. Besides, most altcoins that sell themselves as being faster and scalable than bitcoin (BTC) don’t have this edge against Digibyte. Digibyte is decentralized, has transactions that take seconds to execute, and at an almost negligible cost.

All its features point to a crypto that has what it takes to dominate the blockchain ecosystem. Once more people get to know of its strengths, and the weakness of most of the highly hyped altcoins, Digibyte (DGB) will emerge as king. It has everything the world was looking for, when it chose to go decentralized.


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