Digital Spatiality in Human Communication

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In Nigeria, there are several core aspects that need development. The country has over time experienced some challenges in this regard. Proper development communication and proper policy making is essential for a forward moving nation.Some aspects that worth attention include:AGRICULTUREThe term agriculture refers to cultivation of land, rearing of animals, fishing, crop production, forestry and wildlife undertakings, and associated activities that aid food and fibre production to sustain livelihood (Obinne, Ndubilo, & Ozowa, 2000)In a study done by (Adebayo, 2015), it showed that communication channels could enhance agricultural production in Nigeria. The study was done in Delta state, and the sample set was female farmers in the several senatorial districts.First, the data collection was done using properly prepared questionnaires. There were 1000 respondents for this sampling process.At the end of the process, it was recorded that most of the female farmers possessed devices that had access to the internet, and that they were all made to form Agricultural Cooperative Societies. It was also seen that there was a knowledge gap that needed to be filled.

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Part of the recommendations for the government were to fill up the knowledge gap that was realized through trainings, and to create awareness about proper farming principles. It was also recommended that the government provide veterinary doctors to curtail their poultry farming activities.The Agricultural industry has the ability to sustain the nation if the right information are communicated to the farmers who are mostly not schooled.The concept of Urban farming and E- Agriculture could be introduced to enhance farm practices through the use of information and communication Technologies (ICT).Agriculture is a core part of the nation’s economy, and the sampling done in Delta state is proof that the farmers need to be enlightened on various aspects of farming.Communication is of essence in the aspect of agriculture seeing that an increased knowledge would increase productivity, and would in turn improve the standard of living.EDUCATIONEducation is a key indicator for any Nation that hopes to improve herself.

Communication is hence essential in this regard. Human communication affects how the mind of a child is developed at the early stages of schooling. Teachers need to have a proper grasp of how to relay information that have the ability to frame the minds of the individuals in question.The term that is given to the relationship between teachers and students is Instructional communication. It is the use of both verbal and non-verbal means of communication to trigger meanings and ideologies in the minds. (McCroskey, 1978) noted, “Communication is the crucial link between a knowledgeable teacher and a learning student”. Teaching and learning cannot occur without communication.Teachers, through a valid understanding of the intricacies of human communication, are able to determine when to apply active experimentation, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation or emotional involvement while earnestly trying to get information across to the students.One large tool that has been aiding the education sector is the Computer. ICT has a large capacity to improve the value of education. The computer is able to engage students even after the stipulated school-learning hours.

There are several objectives valid for the use of ICT in education (Plomp, Tjeerd, Ed., & al, 1996)Computers are necessary as an object of study. It enhances the process of teaching and learning. It is also valid for achieving professionalism in various fields of study.One of the most important features of educational multimedia is the interactivity (feedback) between material and user, and hence the stimulation to better learning.School students are able to use computers as tools for instructional activities which include doing online assessments, reading from online sources, retrieve past course information, and for accessing course information. It allows for students who are physically absent from classes to still have access to the very course material in form of videos or transcriptions.ICT also helps to manage the education sector as it has eradicated the need for manual computation of results and transcripts, manual course registration, and result collection.

The instructors and teachers are at the heart of curriculum change and they determine the teaching and learning process. It is therefore necessary for them to prepare young people for the knowledge society in which the competency to use ICT to acquire and process information is very important (Plomp, Tjeerd, Ed., & al, 1996)EMPLOYMENTOrganizations need to imbibe a good communication culture to improve work productivity and to reduce employee turnover intension. Friction is usually seen to occur in organizations clearly because the ranking system and the inability of people to bridge the gaps that exist between ranks.The adverse effect of continued discomfort experienced by staff in organizations momentarily cause them to be withdrawn, thereby making little or no effort towards promoting the company’s brand or identity.In a research done by (Nwagbara, Oruh, Ugorji, & Ennsra) with First Bank of Nigeria as case study, the impact of effective communication on employee turnover intension was examined. The objective was to determine the impact of manager’s communication style low employee turnover intension.

This research was conducted under the premise that employee turnover rate is directly proportional to ineffective communication.Data collection was done using questionnaires and the sample set for the research was the First Bank of Nigeria.It was proven that the people at the tills and the shop floors of the bank were not given opportunities to express their view in relation to how they deal with customers. Another major challenge that was pointed out was the inability of managers to be open to receiving feedback on issues raised on situations. Also observed was the existence of a hostile climate and unfriendliness existing among staff, as well as relationship building between management and subordinates.The research also proved that there is a communication disconnection that exists between managers and the rest of the team members in organization. Organizations thrive on feedback from team members. However, in the event of its absence, the effects are detrimental to the survival of the organizations.Human communication is therefore a salient matter in relation to the increased productivity of organizations. Research has shown that companies that are concerned about the welfare of their team members, and where the leadership of the companies are very open to feedback and suggestions, there is always a high tendency to be productive.Another research done by (Asamu, 2014) on some organizations in Nigeria revealed that effective communication creates mutual understanding between management and workers which helps in building genuine relationship among members of the organization, and also increasing productivity. The study also revealed that poor communication can affect workers performance. Therefore, organizations should regularly articulate it policies,

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