Digital Transformation and Technological Advancements

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Digital transformation and technological advancements are constantly having a great effect on the market and eventually affecting the HR processes. Human resources department is very important to drive change in any organization because it has a big role in multiple tasks such as Retention of key talents, cultural change and development. Human resources has always been seen as the non-innovative part of the organization; had to do only with the paperwork, doing interviews, firing employees and doing the payroll at the end of every month among other things, but in fact and behind all the scenes HR plays the massive and the most important role for any organization, however, human resources departments face many challenges and obstacles such as keeping a high employees engagement and talent retention and because of these challenges time finally came to do some changes and to shed the light of the need of innovation in the HR department in any organization.

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How much does technology affect the performance of the employees? And how can it affects areas such as recruiting, retention, work environment and the workplace? “Recruitment is not a simple process to put in a simple sentence. Recruitment strategies differ all over the globe, but the common elements are: attracting, fin ding and procuring. Recruitment is often reported in literature as the process of analysing the job requirements, pooling together a network of qualified candidates and hiring the best fit person for the role in order to gain a competitive advantage” (Boxall & Purcell, 2003). The above statement simply illustrated the role of the recruiters, it was then when technology had no serious effect on recruitment. But since then till this date technological advancements have contributed to making the recruiters job easier. It is already known that social media is considered to be one of the most effective ways for recruiters to receive a huge number of applicants.Some recruiters are also piloting snapchat as a way of recruiting. However, recruiters and especially those who work for big or medium sized enterprises receive thousands of applications every day and one of the most helpful technological advancement that really shaped the view of recruiters is the ATS software application – automatic tracking system.

ATS is being widely used nowadays most importantly because of its benefits on handling recruitments needs such as filtering applications that are time consuming, manages the application, sending automatic replies for applicants and it is all based on a specific criteria; key words such as specific skills, names of universities, experience years and so on.Subsequently, ATS also saves money, some can argue on that saying that it is an expensive application but taking into account the money spend on advertising jobs and agencies they can turn out to be cheaper, adding to that, recruiters will not even take a look at the resumes of unqualified candidates which will also save time. ATS also can boost the retention of key talents by selecting the most experienced and qualified applicants which can result not only in saving time but also satisfaction of both parties; applicants and recruiters. ATS programs can add value to the recruiting process, you may ask how?

Since ATS gather lots of data about the applicants all in one place, recruiters ma analyse the data and find out which of their efforts brought the best results and which did not. One problem of the automated system or the rules-based system is that it can skip candidates with unusual experience or untraditional candidates that could actually be a good fit for the position posted. The tracking systems are considered the best technological advancements that had ever affected the recruitment. Its does not only save time and money but it can also eliminate any unconscious bias that may occur heading directly to equality in the workplace and more diverse environment. Technology did not only enhanced the recruitments experience and made it easier to find candidates but also made it a lot easier to reach candidates from all over the world. Another way that technology affected the recruiters through a strategy called mobile recruiting.“Mobile recruiting is the process of searching for talented candidates with the assistance of mobile job descriptions, mobile career site and mobile recruitment applications. With the help of mobile recruiting, hiring managers can effortlessly direct their recruitment process on-the-go using a mobile device by posting internal feedback, communicating with the candidates and scheduling interviews” Talentnow RecruitX, Mobile Recruiting in 2018: Trends and Insights, March 7, 2018 Depending on the workplace, technology can eliminate or facilitate jobs; repeatable or predictable jobs are the ones with the most risk.

As mentioned earlier, software applications help recruiters to match the best candidate for the position with the most required skills in the most effective way. That being said, programs such as ATS do all the hard work for the recruiters like comparing their skills and competencies, their background and experience which means finding candidates who are more likely to stick around because they are more motivated and more satisfied within their job. As a previous employee, who had worked in a medium sized company, I can say that the main reason for employees to leave their jobs is being disconnected which can lead them to think that they are expendable and not worthy for the company. Communication is a big problem that is constantly addressed in every organization, it is a problem for all business all over the world. The use of technology somehow made employees feel connected again which eventually led to improve retention. One way of employees communication method is to create a company’s blog where employees starting from the CEO to the security guard can share information with the rest of the colleagues even the ones who work remotely.

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