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DigiwaleBabu- Your Marketing Tool Box, is not just an ordinary company but a platform for digital marketing made out true efforts which offers the best service to their clients in all the aspects of Online Marketing until their satisfaction. Prabhakar Alok, the founder and owner of this company, DigiwaleBabu, has his own story of struggle and success. He has completed his b-tech from VIT, Jaipur. Being a college goer with bit different aspirations, he started working from his college itself. He worked for Gargotech-a startup, which dealt with mobile app designing and website designing. After his b-tech, he was offered a job in WIPRO as a software developer but he denied as he was firm with his decision of doing something different. Being passionate about cricket he started with a startup called “My22Yards” which promoted the local cricketers and gave them a platform to showcase their talent to the world. But, Prabhakar was not to stop here.

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With the gain in years of experience and exposures, Prabhakar realized the fact that firms and business organizations in states like Bihar, Jharkhand and Rajasthan lack their marketing strategies. In this modern era, where digitization mode of marketing is hiking by hops and bounds, he started a Digital Marketing Company DigiwaleBabu-(Your Marketing Tool Box), to provide all the solutions regarding digitization of marketing. His company of digital marketing provides all the services related to digital marketing from the development of the website to SEO (both on page and off page), content development, pay per click (PPC), email marketing, Google analytics, etc.

DigiwaleBabu-(Your marketing toolbox) came into existence in May this year with the motive of providing best digital marketing solutions and to increase all round exposure for clients as well as to drive them the best fit traffic possible. It is a company with few marketing professtions including students and learning aspirants who work as intern with us. In the short span of time only, DigiwalwBabu, is ranked among top advertising companies which provides the best online marketing services. The company make sure to improve and edit the content of the website from time to time so that the company retains its rank on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Apart from providing these services the website of DigiwaleBabu has a separate blog section which provides relevant information about the Digital Marketing subjects and other trending topics. Using our blog to articulate information, it acts as an effective way of building a loyal audience base.

In Spite of being a new company we have worked on number of projects and had given a tough competition to our rivals. This is mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, we provide all our services at affordable prices that best suits to customer’s pocket. Secondly, we have unique all round work ethic. Before we take client’s product live, we put our coding to the test, covering all probable exploits, workload balancing, and check compatibility across all browsers and platforms. We have generated a good revenue also. The turnover was more than expected.

With the ample of opportunities in the digital marketing field, there is much demand for digital marketers. Seeing the craze among the people to learn about digital marketing and need of the professionals in this sector DigiwaleBabu has come up with the idea of imparting training in this segment. We are starting our digital training platform “Digital Gurucool”. Our institution understands that marketing on digital platform is an ever changing situation where one must needs to have zeal to fight the changes and design the best strategy for combating. Digital Gurucool has enough techniques to be grabbed by the techs, the creatives, and the business people.

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