Directive 10-289 as a Main Element in Atlas Shrugged

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Directive 10-289 As a Main Element in Atlas Shrugged

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The Quote “In the name of the general welfare, to protect the safety of people, to achieve full equality and full stability, it was decreed for the duration of the national emergency -” is the introduction of legislation called directive 10- 289. in the passage from the novel Atlas Shrugged where the main government leaders this quote appears, Mr. Thompson Head of State and Wesley Mouch of the Office of Economic Planning and Natural Resources, and some corrupt corporate executives as James Taggart, Orren Boyle , among others, they are talking and looking for ways to weave the threads of the conspiracy that allow them to freeze the economy and natural resources of the nation, right through legislation, which they called Directive 10-289, obviously this law only will benefit the conspirators, this legislation consists of eight points which essentially aims to make businesses artificial satellites government workers enslave and subjugate the general population.

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The first point of this directive, on the one hand enslaves workers and the other takes steps to ensure the availability of workforce, establishing specific issues like that all people who reach the age of twenty years will account Unification Board, which will include where, in his opinion, their services will better serve the nation’s interests; the second point of law requires all manufacturers and traders of any nature forcing them to remain in operation and prohibits them from selling or transferring their business, under penalty of expropriation of their establishment and of each and every one of its properties; the third point goes further and puts the private company under the absolute supervision government, eliminating everything that represents the operation of the independent private company, making clear that the government will be the administrator of all the country’s resources; the fourth point confirms all the provisions of the third point; subsequent points it involve freezing of wages, profits, as well as the obligation of citizens to have to spend the same amount of annual money for goods and services, also industrialists are forced to maintain the same production levels that they held prior to the launch of the new legislation.

Directive 10-289 seems to be inspired by the practices carried out by various socialist states, although it is important to note that in countries with socialist orientation government such changes do not occur all at once as described in Atlas Shrugged in socialist governments all changes are gradually introduced and justifying them as measures necessary for the welfare of the people.

The bottom line projected in this passage from the book Atlas Shrugged, it is how the power of government in cahoots with wealthy and servile people can conspire to violate the freedoms enjoyed by the capitalist and democratic system, impersonating with a totalitarian system, similarly reveals that no one is safe from the depredations of government, which relies on the hollow reasoning that anything does is for the common good.

Although the issue of the quote regarding the directive 10-289 described in Atlas Shruggedis fictitious, some details such as certification under penalty of perjury that large companies have to do about that are not reducing the workforce full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate of Obamacare, the obligation to present statements under oath about this particular, setting fines for breach the law and also that employers are required under the rules of this law to justify their decisions about personnel hired or fired, this situation was described by Mr. Thessen as a inquisitorial measure by the treasury department, taking this topic to establishing a point of comparison a parameter comparison with the point number one of the Directive No. 10-289 described in atlas Shrugged, but at the end of his interview Mr. Thiessen clarified that the Obama administration is not required that people stay in their jobs, or they cannot be fired only to avoid Obamacare, the existence of the resource to impose fines for non-compliance with this law seems to be a government strategy to cover any breach of this law, if the government was convinced that this law would have no obstacle on their way to being implemented, these inquisitorial measures were not necessary.

In conclusion although the directive 10-289 Ran any book is the product of fiction and raising this directive literally has remote possibility to happen in America, it is important that we remain vigilant to protect our political, social and economic freedoms, because always can be the possibility that our lives changed and fall under the total control of a corrupt government supported by large corporations, which without scrupulous n would not hesitate to enslave the working masses if that represents them more wealth

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