Disadvantages of Homeschooling and Contemporary Education System

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Homeschooling is a dynamic culture in the contemporary education system. It entails the process of educating children at home instead of enrolling them in public or private schools. Homeschooling is mainly embraced by developed nations such as North America as a legal alternative to regular schooling (Ray, 2015). According to the recent statistics from the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooling is rapidly growing, especially among students in grades K-12 (Ray, 2015). Parents prefer to homeschool for various reasons, including the need to provide a safer environment for children free from psychological abuse, physical violence, drugs, racism, bullying, and others (Ray, 2015). As much as homeschooling is being embraced, it can only be viable as an alternative to regular schooling in some peculiar cases. Regular schooling is significant in a child’s development.

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Homeschooling discourages socialization, a vital factor in a child’s development. Socialization is a learning process on values, beliefs, norms and behaviors that define our daily interactions and communications. Regular schooling provides a conducive environment where students from different races, ethnic groups, social classes and beliefs interact for a common purpose as well as make friendships. 

More importantly, the teachers act as their role models instilling more knowledge on socialization to understand further our cultures, interactions, how to cope with problems and generally the importance of socialization. This helps up bring a generation bonded with love, care, humanity and other critical factors necessary for healthy living and sustainable development. Homeschooling denies children exposure to comprehend aspects like cultural diversity, interactions, communications and others (Ricardo, 2014). Afterward, this adversely affects them at the workplace, family and societal level.

Homeschooling reflects informal learning, thus ineffective, especially for children and youth who need a more structured environment with close supervision primarily due to their stage of growth. Homeschooling tends to discourage active learning, which is competent in instilling knowledge, ethics, morals and others. With regular schooling, students follow set rules that significantly shape their future, for instance, common sense and discipline (Boulter, 2017). They are taught by teachers who are specialized and experienced to nurture children and indeed, live exemplary lives. In contrast, home education is characterized by much freedom, less strictness and obstructions discouraging learning mode and environment.

Regardless of the disadvantages associated with homeschooling, to some extent, it seems viable and an effective alternative to regular schooling. Parents have different perceptions as to why they prefer homeschooling. Homeschooling is often perceived as the best alternative for disabled students as they strain to access schools daily (Carlotti, 2017). Family bond helps this group grow with love and care. Homeschooling provides a friendlier environment for a child’s social development, mental and physical health.

Conclusively, homeschooling seems an ineffective way of schooling. It discourages socialization and active learning, which are essential for the development of a child. Socialization in schools helps bridge gaps of racism and ethnicity in our modern-day society. Conversely, homeschooling is viable to some extent, especially for disabled students. Students with special needs often face challenges to access schools and even at the schools, for instance, discrimination. Homeschooling provides a better environment. Parents should embrace regular schooling to bring up generations that fit into contemporary society. Markedly, the government should improve the education system based on affordability, equality, and relevancy to provide a conducive learning environment.

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