Disadvantages of Technology: Environment, Health, and Education Issues

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In our lives, technology plays a vital part. It revolutionized every field dramatically. Technology has a vast scope and had improved our lifestyle. Technology has wide applications and has a significant and influential impact on our life in various ways. This text claimed that human beings have to decrease their technological dependence and the disadvantages of technology. Environment problems will be discussed in the first part of this text. Health problems will follow. Finally, education issues will be explained.

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To being with, the environment is caused by technology and lack of control. In the past couple of decades, further machinery, weapons, and vehicles have been produced in technological improvements. Increased usage of increased factories triggers demand, which in turn affects the availability of the necessary quality of goods which are significant industrialization effectors using enhanced technology. In such a case, the importance of technology is attributed to the satisfaction of human desires. While negative environmental pollution is caused by enhanced production in the manufacturing and processing sectors, testing tools and heavy use of automobiles such as vehicles Air pollution, water pollution, and sound pollution are important elements of an atmosphere that is constantly polluted by technology. For example, the emission of gases such as CO2, which produces a large amount forms the greenhouse impacts that are the main elements of worldwide warming. Greenhouse gasses occur from activities such as poor techniques of agricultural production, transportation services, production systems, and renewable energy, especially using coal. Extraction of fossil fuel by burning and reducing agriculture by burning concentrate dangerous gasses thus influencing the environment (Polaiah, 2018). People are almost dependent on technology directly or indirectly. Mose people have excessive use of gadgets like mobiles, laptops, and tablets and are also addicted to them and their applications which connect by wifi. Because of this wireless technique, increased exposure to radiation leads to silent health issues. Even some birds are thought to be extinct in the area of these wifi-enabled fields.

Secondly, people suffer from physical health problems to the overuse of technology. The excessive use of computers in the office creates a major issue for the neck and back. People suffer from a medical problems with too much use of technology. Many individuals havebackacachesor complaints that they spent more time working in front of a laptop or computer. Thus, in subsequent lives, they face medical problems. In addition, because of technological devices, many children suffer from eye problems. Their laptops, portable devices, computers, and other gadgets are always busy doing different tasks, such as communications, games, and many more. It creates issues for the eye; therefore they are victims of blureyesightight. In addition, children play video games that create their careers sedentarily. There is less time spent on physical exercise, which leads to obesity problems. For instance, “loss of hearing” is becoming common. This is a consequence of ear disease caused by the overuse of earearsds which are continuously positioned in the ears for listening to music and watching videos. 

Technology can negatively affect education. Technologies create a huge interruption in classrooms. Students can quickly be disturbed when their phones ring or vibrate, and during the lecture sending and reading texts or making and receiving calls at the time the teaching process will be completely interrupted. Moreover, with the appearance of mobiles, it is easy for learners to get on playing games, and shop on the internet. It contributes to an absence of study concern. Students are likely to create a lack of study practices and a poor educational approach. Some of them may even believe that they can leave college because the internet can find solutions to their courses. This can also lead students to forget the basics of learning. Rather than their books and their teachers ‘ dedication, they would much rather depend on PCs and the internet. Most of them are going to mislead phrases because they always use spell checkers. By instead solving the traditional manner of mathematical equations, they would seek help from devices or look for solutions directly through search engines. However the internet is a negative impact on education, this is wrong because With the advancement in information technology and with unlimited access to the Internet one can get any sort of information without surfing through tons of books. Students can access online resources and can get the best possible help on-demand and assistance without their teacher’s physical presence. This led to greater flexibility with faster development skills and better learning education. Students can get reach teachers, resources, and assignments with the help of the internet anytime and anywhere they just need to be connected to the internet. Also, online learning portals can help students to utilize their extra time to practice a concept and work on that in their manner and keep up with their classmates.

In conclusion, we can see that technology has many detriments. This text viewed the problems of the environment and the disadvantages of technology. This was accompanied by individuals suffering from physical issues related to technology At last; the impacts on education were examined. Looking at the proof, it seems certain that we should decrease technology dependency People face many difficulties while using technology thrust on their lives.


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