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Disaster Of a Millennium – Environmental Issues

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The issues that are faced in today’s time is mainly related to environment and eco system. What we have done is that we have not focused on the environment we on the other hand have focused on profit maximization the greatest element that is involved in the 21st capitalistic economic set up that has sprung up. That being said now things are changing and people are trying to go green as they say create awareness on a mass regulatory body level and plant more trees.I myself have been looking at a tree plantation service near me so that I can somehow contribute and aid in this menace that we have created and start a trend in my area as they say change has to come from within not from outside. As the title explains what happened?

Why did we become nations with pollution levels rising sky high, we did we not care for our beloved oceans, seas, the air that we breathe and that other animals inhale, why didn’t we think about the trees, the animals, the mountains, the rich resources that mother nature has given us as a gift rather than using it in an efficient and effective way and not consuming it like hungry selfish corporate poachers we should have thought to ourselves what are we doing and in the long run what will all these issues have on our world and our environment. What are we leaving the future generations with, is it a better world that our grandparents and past generations gave us or is it a worse one for the younger lot that is yet to come. And you will get to know that it is in fact quite worse than before.

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Now regulatory bodies and government bodies have worked and created different awareness campaigns and worked on tree plantation drives, more and more green drives and start campaigns which have less plastic consumption, less resources depletion and work on renewable resources such as wind power, solar power, hydroelectricity and other techniques which include companies like Tesla who use electrify to power cars rather than fuel such as petroleum and natural gas. A recent survey and according to our research we have gotten to know that people are now considering more environmental friendly products, more animal friendly products and more green drives.

Now what is a green drive? Is it to consume and use things that are ecofriendly well yes that’s what it is? We see that more and more people now consult landscapers who work with clients to create better houses and plant more trees, such as the people working at Axe Tree Pros, they work hard at landscaping gardens, front porches, backyards, lawns where they work with clients and try to gather information as to what the client has in mind then try to incorporate other elements to pull it off. Thus in conclusion things are changing and taking a green turn – pun intended, however more and more life style changes have to be made so that things change from a more personal and individualistic level.


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