Discrimination Against African American in the United States

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Ethnicity creates the world as it is today, it allows one to freely go about their life without reverting to anything sinister. Although this is true in today’s society African Americans are regrettably being dehumanized for reasons which don’t concern them. One can reason that there are unacceptable events happening in today’s world dealing with African Americans being discriminating against and dehumanized. African Americans cope with the events that take place like, discrimination, murder, and devaluation.

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African Americans make up 13% of the United States. Discrimination is a prominent and critically important matter in American life, with significant and harmful effects on health and well-being. There are countless events that happened because of discrimination against African Americans. One example of discrimination falls within the very used social media. In social media, there are so many unnoticed threats and comments towards African Americans. According to the Washington post’s article “Trump tweets videos of black men attacking white people, asks ‘Where are the protesters?’” Trump states that there are no protesters around a white man being punched by a black man. He tweets “Looks what’s going on here. Where are the protesters?”. He says this thinking, why isn’t there anybody reacting to this but rather something else. One can tell he is discriminating towards African Americans saying that they only care for themselves. He then gave the example of a white man being punched by a black man with absolutely no reaction. This is uncalled for and not a good tweet from Trump, this was discriminating towards African Americans. Another example from the same article, for Trump says another discriminating tweet on the same day. He then comments on a video that is about a white woman being pushed inside of a subway car. He retweeted the video and commented, “Where are the protests for this?”. This is taking unnecessary reason with the situation going on hand and trying to blame African Americans for the events happening. This also comes to part with dehumanization towards African Americans, and who they are as a whole.

African Americans are, as well, being dehumanized towards ethnicity as a whole. African Americans are always seemed to be considered less of a person by racists and ones with the intent to spread harm. However, this is not at all the case in today’s society. In today’s society, there are people who can’t seem to grasp the idea of African Americans being equal to everyone. Another problem being that President Donald Trump, makes horrible comments about African Americans implies he is racist. He tweeted nearly 50 tweets that were focused on a black person or black Americans in general, with 20 of those tweets negative in tone. He retweeted a video of a black man acting more unusual than normal. He then commented on the video saying such a dehumanizing comment towards the black man. He commented “ Low IQ!’ ‘so SPECTACULAR’ ‘Much like a dog’” these are all such dehumanizing comments towards the man. He calls compares him to a dog for acting unusual, and states he must have a low IQ due to his actions at the moment. This is absolutely not acceptable, there are standards for everyone as a human being, for this was a dehumanizing act and it not acceptable. Another example of African Americans being dehumanized is prominent. Another example being slavery, black people were considered an object in these times and to this day some people consider this true. A more clear example of this would be a woman not getting to see or hold the child after its birth. During the times of slavery, black women were impregnated without thier consent, this is such a dehumanizing thing to do to a woman. Not only that but during these times they would have the baby and it would be taken away from them as if they were nothing. If it were a female it would be raised to be a housewife and if it were male then at the age of 5 it would be put into a home and be considered a slave, most likely actioned off.

In America today there are countless reports of the death of African Americans by murders. As a community from the past few years, 2017- 2020 there have been 741 shootings by police officers and regrettably, of those 741, 536 of those have been African Americans. For those of who were shot and killed more than 47% were not committing a crime that had to result in death and the same percentage was unarmed. There are logical answers for one that must shoot a person in order of solving a situation, but these people were unarmed and not harmful in any way. A huge example from this year of a man being killed was not doing anything wrong. This man’s name was Gorge Floyd, he was killed by a police officer pressing against his throat with his knee, this lasted for more than 30 seconds which consequently killed Floyd. Police officer Derek Chauvin says “ I didn’t do anything illegal, I was just doing my job” now these events triggered an entire protest about black lives and a movement called BLM (black lives matter).

 During these times there were several accounts for people who lost thier lives due to shootings or any murdered by officers. Tamir Rice, a boy of 12, was shot dead in Cleveland, Ohio.was This is an example of how these murders happen. A boy was shot during his playtime, officers said that the gun was “probably fake” and he was “probably a juvenile” later after the child was shot the police stated the gun was indeed fake and was not even a real-looking gun. This is a murder and shouldn’t have been let go, the officer who killed the boy was fine as if nothing happened. About 3 years later the man was fired for lying on his application.     

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