Discrimination Against LGBT Youth in Us Schools

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This research mainly focused on how frequent American college students which are considered themselves LGBTQ are being bullied on their respective educational institutions. The study consisted of gathering 347 college students who would identify themselves as LGBTQ, of which 163 were females and the rest 124 men. This study not only categorized the total population of students by their gender, but it also categorized on their religion, age, race/ethnicity, college level and even on their sexual orientation. Next, they were given an online questionnaire that approximately took around half an hour to complete; the “hook” for them to take the questionnaire was that students who participated on this they would automatically enter a random drawing in which one of five students were granted a $25 gift card. In the beginning, 410 college students participated in the questionnaire but only 63 students, were excluded from the research for not specify their orientation and due to this, the research ended up with 347 individuals.

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For the results, the research shows that there was a positive skew in which indicated that the individuals participating in the research reported a small level of occurrences of physical bullying on around 3 months, and in the other hand, as well a small percentage of college students reported high results of the same event. Researchers calculated the median, mean for each domain of the victims using BVS (Reynolds Bully Victimization Scale for Schools) scale to gather the information they needed. They found that many forms of bullying indicating that they were associated with depression in which they were tested on the CES-D after. When talking about the social support factor this research showed that all social support was negatively associated with depression. A table was created, in which represented the statistics of the different forms of victimization of the LGBTQ student population. Then, each subsample of the LGBT students that were investigated and it came out to be higher than rates focused on physical, relational, cyberbullying. However, the students who considered themselves Q (Queer) reported a small increment of cyberbullying than relational.

The main purpose of this investigation was to study the bully victimization on a smaller population of college students that were considered themselves part of the LGBTQ community. As the results indicated is fundamental to assists this minority group because in some way they are exposed to bullying than the rest of the students assisting the higher educational institutions. Cyber and the other types of bullying are very dangerous because some people might just get tired of been insulted and would trigger to suicidal, and in this case, the LGBTQ people are the target of many people who don’t realize what words can affect people. In my opinion, I really think that LGBTQ people are not different from the rest of the population they also have ideas, thoughts, feelings and we should treat other people as we want to be treated, when we see these types of mentality show us how far we are as a society from equality and gender respect for others.

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