Discrimination in Hidden Figures Film

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The potential audience of the film is targeted more towards women, and women of color, and young girls. In the opening scene, Katherine Johnson, and her co-workers Dorothy and Mary are pulled over by a police officer; the police officer was shocked to find out they’re rushing to the space agency. The girls replied stating, “There are quite a few of us women working on the space program” (Hidden Figures). It is not just in this movie that showcased few women in NASA but also is happening in society today. In any STEM-related career, you would mostly see men and not that many women. This film is very inspiring for young women and young girls all around the world because this film talks about the obstacles a woman of color and a woman, in general, would face in any STEM-related career pathway jobs and this film give women hope as they watch these role models stand up and try to break the racial segregation and gender inequality in STEM jobs. A famous scene from the movie is when Kathrine Johnson is talking to Jim Johnson ( A friend of Kathrine, and eventually becomes her husband)for the first time, he was shocked as to why they are having women do such important things in NASA and she says, “Yes they let women do things at NASA mister Johnson And it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses!” (Hidden Figures). This scene is one of the famous scenes in the film because Kathrine Johnson stands up for all women across the world giving them hope aspiration that it doesn’t matter what society says about women and their roles. The only thing that matters is what women want to be, and what they want to do with their lives. Women of color and women, in general, were selected as the targeted audience in the film because in society today, women aren't given value or priority to any STEM careers. It is not just STEM careers but also in any careers that are not related to being at home. Women are more likely to be susceptible to the movie because it depicts how women are treated in society today and the difficulties a colored woman might face in society. As the audience watch the 3 African women fight through these obstacles, it gives them light to their desires and wishes.

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The movie has a positive message about never giving up, no matter how much of a struggle. Despite the racist behavior and the challenges of the job, the trio never gave up. For example, Katherine is constantly faced with the color behavior of her colleagues. She was never valued, and her colleagues kept shooting down her ideas. Nonetheless, she kept on persevering no matter how she was treated, she only had her dreams in mind and kept going. These 3 women looked beyond their gender and their skin color; they looked at their talents no matter how society viewed them. A major scene in this film was the ending when the astronaut who was planning on going to the rocket wanted Katherine to finish the landing calculations because he trusted her. This scene was emotional because Katherine went through so many obstacles and got called many things throughout the film. No one believed she was capable of anything, but she never gave up. Because she never gave up, people at NASA finally recognized her hard work and got value. This message is meaningful to the audience because it shows them that no matter the barriers that are in the way, never let them prevent you from doing what you want. Women all over the world would get inspired as they watch the trio break through the barriers that were blocking their dreams. Each of the 3 women in the film at the end of the film got what they always wanted which was being treated equally to men and not letting color interfere with their talents. The people who were doubting them came running back to them asking for their help. This film motivates women to follow these 3 women.

This movie is raising awareness that it doesn’t matter your gender or what color your skin is, you can do anything a man can do in this world. This movie supports a real-world problem which is how society views women and women of color. In the society we live in today, women of color have a hard time getting into STEM-related careers. This is because society has the idea that women aren’t capable of careers that use critical thinking, math, and science. They believe that women are only good for taking care of the children and staying home. Society has expectations on how women are supposed to act in this world. Women of color are viewed differently in society's eyes. This film gives a voice to all women around the world including colored women. This movie succeeds in its purpose of bringing awareness to society and showing society that men aren’t just the ones that are capable of doing math, science, and technology careers. It succeeded because today, women are starting to get valued for their hard work and are having a voice in their jobs. NASA is trying to fly a woman to orbit the moon. It is not just NASA; all tech companies are now focusing on hiring more women in their jobs. This movie affected how women were seen in this society, even though women are starting to get opportunities and voices, women will always be seen as less important compared to men because from generation to generation, the idea of women being at home and not working in STEM careers has been planted into their brains and been passed down. But this film gave a new perspective on how women and women of color should be viewed and what they are capable of.

This film illustrates the “hidden” lives of black women dealing with discrimination at NASA. Hidden Figures tells a story about the societal stereotypes and racial biases that confined these women. Confinement in terms of where they could use bathrooms, eat their lunch to the roles expected of them as women. Like said before, this movie expresses how women and women of color are viewed in the eyes of society. This movie's initial goal is to help little girls around the world, in particular, those of color know that women who look like them share their history helped make the United States great. This movie is about unity. This movie is about what happens when you put the differences aside and come together as one human race.    

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