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Discussing The Meaning Of Strategy

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At the beginning, we should know the origin of the word “Strategy”. The Term of strategy at language is built on two various bases; one of them is “stratum” which in Latin means the path or line, The second one is “strategos” which known in Greek as a general in command of troops or the art of the general or plan to destroy enemies through effective use of resources. Today, the concept of strategy is used to refer to gain goals in many fields such as politics, sports, economics and etc. The word “Strategy” is defined by Johnson and Scholes (1999) as the following: Strategy is the way and space of an association through the long time that attains benefit for the association via its formation of incomes inside a daring atmosphere, to encounter the requirements of market and to achieve shareholder prospects. Consequently, focusing on the way organization struggles, the way to place itself in the business and the way to convert its métiers to a tactical benefit are some of strategy needs.

From Mintzberg and Quinn point of view, strategy was known as an organizational skill at the period of Pericles (450 BC), meaning management skills (administrative, leadership, public speaking, power). The word “Strategy” only used after the World War II when strategy entered completely into the business world, which has since grown obviously and needed headlines, guides and paths to be followed by their internal structures. It increased organizational efficiently and, together with the increased pace of environmental aspects began from requiring organizations deploy greater capacity to create and get strategies enabling them to face the challenges of the market, achieve their objectives in the short, medium and long term.

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Considering its significance, discussing the meaning of strategy refer to a discussion of theoretical approaches, ranging from the more traditional, considering strategy as a business logic, rational and sequential, to the most dynamic, that understand this process as linked to cultural and learning factors, politics and power relations . Strategy as a historically term is linked to pre-empting various scenarios and action plans to be excite on encountering them. However, there has never been a single and definite definition for the word strategy. The term has several meanings; it may refer to policies, objectives, tactics, goals, programs, among others, trying to refer to the concepts necessary for its definition.

The concept of strategy also has been used incidentally in the field of management, meaning anything from an exactly complete course of action, a positioning in a private environment, through to the entire personality the soul and existential rationale behind a company’s existence. It is a concept often put forward in the academic and business worlds, filled with a great diversity and width, which in some aspects is complementary while ramified in others.


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