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My leader within is to be a good communicator and problem solver. These two leadership abilities make me my leader within because strong leadership starts with the ability to communicate clearly in conversation in a variety of circumstances. Problem solving helps me be the best leader I can be things rum more smoothly when you have your own ideas, plans, and your intentions that helps me become a good problem solver. As a leader, it doesn’t mean that I always have to create my own solutions to situations that I get into at work. It means that I have to pull everything together and inspire them to conquer unforeseen problems. In order to motivate others, words have the power to use them effectively to achieve better results. 

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I know for a fact that if I am not a good communicator at my own workplace, I can never be a good leader. If I want my team to look up for me, I have to be more passionate about it. My team knows that I am fully committed to be a team leader. When I started working at my first job, I thought to myself that listening to and learning from others will make me a great leader one day because I learned so many awesome things from my past work experience and the job that I have now. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that there was a couple who seemed very upset with our bad customer service. So, I walked up to the customer and I apologized for the bad experience that they have received. I was trying to be professional and to help out with the situation. The couple was trying to find an item and they needed a professional consultation that I provided for them. I helped find whatever they needed. I answered all the questions regarding the item. I offered other choices to choose from with less prices. 

I helped them save more money. My goal for this situation was to see that my customer is satisfied and happy. My leader within is to always have good communication skills, ability to motivate others and my dedication to my goals. My leader within tells me that I know I will be a good team builder one day because as a store associate at CVS Pharmacy has taught me a lot of leadership abilities to take advantage off. As a store associate, I am really good at helping people find what is needed best for them. My story has taught me how I am capable of being a leader one day. I have learned a lot from my story because it showed how I can handle a situation without any help needed from my manager. I believe the best way to develop my leadership abilities is to take on more responsibility, learn to follow others, inspire others, keep learning, and resolve any conflicts that I have with one another. My leadership abilities have inspired others to handle their own situation on their own. As a part time worker, my leadership qualities are to be a hard worker, good listener, good communicator, and good-decision maker. I am more productive to achieve my goals. 

I feel that it is important that leaders hold themselves and our teams accountable for work that each are responsible for. Ownership can tie to my story as well because leadership is held accountable. It takes time and practice to get along with the workplace environment and developing your own qualities, so others can follow in my footsteps. It makes me become a good leader because I work with professionals who are motivated by driving towards a common goal, which is good customer service. Customer service is the key to improving my leadership abilities because behavior is what I look out from my story. Working with a team of people motivates me my applying tasks, goals, and responsibilities that will help me shift to become a flexible leader. Great leaders make mistakes because not every leader is the best. The mistakes came in handy from my story because bad customer service reflects me and my whole team. “My Personal Mission Statement” Assignment: My focus at Woodbury University has been a double major in Accounting and Finance. My goal is to graduate with 150 credits in order to sit for the CPA exam. After passing the CPA exam I want to start working in accounting firm, starting at an entry level position and working upwards. When I have three years of working in an accounting firm, I will open up my own accounting firm. My mission is to achieve my dreams and goals in my career so I can be a successful person one day. I want to work so that I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life. I want to be a team leader and mentor to others. I want to take my knowledge and skills that I have accomplished and apply them to my future career as Accountant. It is my mission to create a business environment where everyone can thrive and build on the basis of giving back to the community and it will help give back many opportunities to others in need. 

As I continue to work as a part timer I will be diligent in my work as I continue to learn more and more in my everyday life. My work makes me a different person every day because I help our customers, customers, and co-workers. My mission statement is to always strive to do the best to my abilities and show it in my work, to keep myself motivated and remind myself the reason why I want to thrive for greatness, and to be driven to improve my life through knowledge, hard work, motivation, and putting others interest before my own. In my life, I want to be the best person I can be. When I become an accountant, my mission is to be committed to provide accounting, consulting, and tax services with the highest level of quality. My mission will be to act as a professional while I adhere to all legal and regulatory compliance. My hardworking personality shows that I have a dedication and the ability to reach my own personal goals. When I open up my own CPA firm, my mission will be to help others to get to what I am at in my career. My purpose is to help and guide people into the right direction in their future. As of right now, I am helping two of my friends to get into Woodbury University and get there MBA in Accounting and Finance. My mission is to be a mentor to my friends because they have helped me too. 

My goal is to be a team leader every day in my life, to be a successful person. Helping out others who are in need can change the person inside of you and you will become a role model for your friends too. My family has been guiding me all though my life in what I want to be when I grow up. My parents helped me be where I am right now because I am less than a year away from getting my Master’s degree, and working at a big accounting firm. The most important part of my life is my family and my close friends because they showed my support and helped me be where I want to be right now in my life. I would love to start my own family and fulfill my dream of owning my own accounting firm one day. I believe both business and family require love and attention. I am thankful for all the people in my life who have guided me along my journey. 

My mission is to gain my experience in the public accounting field toward earning my CPA designation. I want to be recognized and develop my strengths as a person who is intelligent, hard-working, and insightful. My goal is to develop strong relationships with clients and customers in the future. Setting goals for my future will help me be successful in my life. I will inspire others to set their own goals. It motivates me to persevere in these goals. In the next few years, I will accomplish all of my goals. I value three things in my life: hard work, honesty, and responsibility. These three values will help me fulfill my professional dream of being an accountant.

I am a part-time Store Associate at CVS Pharmacy. Customer service is a role that I deal with dissatisfied customers for any number of reasons. A couple of weeks ago, I had an angry customer who wanted to take a passport photo. I told the customer how to sit and look at the camera for taking a passport photo. I took two photos of her and I had her look and see if she liked her photos or not. The customer randomly started yelling and screaming at me because the way I took the photo and the photo came out bad. The customer then complained how the store lighting was bad, which wasn’t at all. I took another two photos of her, she liked only one photo. Then, she said I can print this passport photo. When I printed the passport photo, she told me this doesn’t look like a passport photo at all to me, and continued to yell. So, then I called both of managers to help calm her down. Both my managers came and couldn’t calm her down, and we asked her to leave because she isn’t allowed to yell at a store associate, even if I didn’t do anything wrong. My managers knew that I know how to take a passport photo because I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now. A customer is not allowed to walk in the store and randomly yell at a store associate. They will be automatically kicked out of the store. I was never mean to her.    

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