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The technologies nowadays are advancing rapidly. The most focused technologies in the current generation is our mobile device that we carry with us daily. The manufacturers are producing new smartphone that have a lot of new features that ease the daily life of the user and minimizing the size device. But the main thing to differentiate the mobile devices are their operating system. Operating system plays an important role in a mobile device. It affects the user’s experience a lot and how the user deals with the mobile device. Based on an article the article that is written by Eric Griffith on 23 August 2018 PCMag, there are 18% out of 2500 United States consumer changes from Android to iOS and 11% changes iOS to Android and the remaining 71% didn’t change their operating devices. In that research, there are 54% of the research uses iPhone(iOS) and 27% uses Samsung (Android). 47% claims that they have better user experience when changing form Android to iOS and 30% that claims the other way around. There are 29% user that change from iOS to Android is because of the price is better. The other reasons that made the user change their operating system is because if better features. 24% of the users change their operating system from iOS to Android because this reason and 25% is vice versa. There are less than 6% of the user that claims there are other reason that motivates to them to change their operating systems are more applications, better customer service and faster software. Only 19% of the user states that they change their smartphone is because of the operating system.

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The main reason that cause user that change to another operating system is mostly because of the price (33%) and there are only 26% claims that they change because of the brand of the smartphone. Eric is trying to find out the reason why users are constantly changing their smartphones because different smartphones like Samsung and iPhone delivers different user experience. But in the end, Eric found out that the reason that made user change their smartphones is not because of the operating system but because of the user wanted to replace their smartphone when it breaks. This article caught my attention because the competition between iOS and Android are very popular among our current generation. People are constantly comparing the features and the benefits of their own operating system. These kind of situation happens a lot around me.

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