Discusssing the Main Objectives of My Education and Career Goals

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I am a Junior international student majoring in Information Systems. I want a career in technology, foremost my goal is to seek an internship in my field of study so that I can obtain and experience working in real field. I want to excel in my field of technology and develop strong skills and talents which will enhance my performance and contribution for future. After graduation I want to use my education and skills in technology world and to achieve my career goals and to prepare myself, I am learning and improving my skills.

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Before processing anything, everyone must know their weakness and what they lack to be outstanding individual and the first step for me was to know my weakness and improve it. The first skill that I am developing is leadership traits. A good leader in my view should be a good role model, vision setting, understanding, devoted and helping every team member to improve themselves and providing or creating opportunities. A good leader should be able to lead and follow when required depending on situations. I want to be a leader who can influence people and demonstrate what skillful people can achieve with vision goals. Finally, active listening is essentially required, and public speaking is the second skill I want to improve.

Learning to speak in public and developing communication skills are critical way to success. To be an effective speaker it is important to be able to deliver message with high impact. Just few years ago, I was extremely introvert, shy and sensitive. I recognized my weakness and put myself under pressure to do the activities which helped me conquer my weakness, improving and challenging myself. I was constantly scared to attend events and participate because I was being shy and timid. Now I am more comfortable as I take part in college program, events, seminar and networking events. Challenging and participating made me more confident and one of the class I am currently taking helped me to improve my skills as it made me participate in mock interviews, presenting and delivering speech. After public speaking, I want to learn more about planning and goal setting.

After my interest in technology I am fond of planning and organizing events. It’s one of the interests, I would like to learn and improve. Most of us have many smaller to bigger goals simultaneously, prioritizing is the key and not to be overwhelmed. In the world of business and technology, planning and setting goals and vision is present. Sorting all the goals and categorizing it by urgency is important aspect to set clear and specific goals, determine a timeline and perform the action. If one plan does not work, individual show to able to make changes or implement a new plan to obtain the goals.

Another ability is the ability to stay focused and drive out the result. Staying motivated to obtain goals with passion and contributing to team and goals. Sometimes people may lose hope or stay off track on the way to achieve success and goals. Balancing work and life, taking break when required and support from family and friends has helped me stay focused and moving forward to achieve my goals. Most of the time I outline, what I want to do and what I have done which helps me stay focused.

The ability to be curious and interested is another skill, everyone should have curiousness, people who are curious, they always look for improvement both personally and for the organization. Everyone appreciates questions as it shows the interest of the individual to learn and improve. It also helps to initiated conversation and improve networking. As a curious person I research a lot on about certain topics which interests me and read out people’s opinion and reviews, to know what people are thinking.

Interpersonal is the next skill I want to improve, the ability to be a team player at work is important, knowing how to get along, relate and communicate with others. Paying attention to people, listening people’s ideas and opinions and having genuine interest and empathy in people. Building such kind of relationship will make good environment to work and people don’t find any hesitation to ask or take responsibilities. I want people to feel comfortable in my presence so that they will be able to express themselves and share ideas and interest. So, I am making myself better at having welcoming personality.

Another important skill is communication skill, both written and oral communication skills are important. They are the basic skills, but these are the skills everyone should be good while working or not. For example, when we write emails, we should be able to portray our genuine feeling in the email and be able to give positive message. In one of my class we had assignment to write a bad news email without writing any negatives words or comment. I learned the skill to write email portraying positive feeling in the message. Another key to re-read email before sending it. Adding up being able to speak up during meetings, sharing ideas are the main points to communicate with during meetings with colleagues.

I also want to improve my skill in problem solving and conflict resolution, understanding problem and solving problems are the skills required. While trying to solve problem we should also look for long term future goals and implement the solution which is beneficial for future and current goal. One of the places where I worked, problem solving was the main skill used there on daily basis and it’s the place where I learned to prioritize the urgently required problem and least urgent problem. Conflict solving is significant while working with people, sometime people can have different ideas and thought while working together and being able to find resolution is powerful thing.

One more skill is the ability to code for my career and filed of study, most of the job requires use of technology and having basic knowledge of coding will help anyone working. Being able to understand what’s happening will help solve problem. For me I want to pursue my career in both business and data analyzing. So, knowing few programming languages like c#, Java, Python, html will help me in the direction of my career. My courses require for me to learn some of these and I am planning to learn more of python as we don’t have python in our course, using online tools and courses I want to learn python programming language.

To achieve improve my leadership skills, public speaking, communicating and networking I am currently a member of IS club in our campus and looking forward to being in a role and join the board coming fall 2019. I also got this wonderful opportunity from this club being able to network and gain knowledge and suggestions from people working in different area who make their time to give an insightful speech and talk about what it is like working in company. Following dream job and things to do before graduation are one of the prime things, I got to learn from it.

While attending networking event organized by the club, I received a chance to network and meet with alumni from one of my favorite company “Optum” where I want to work. After the event we got another opportunity assigning us to e-mentors from the company who are also alumni from St. Cloud State University. Currently I have a wonderful and successful mentor who gives me excellent suggestions on what I should do before my graduation.

Balancing my work and school life I am learning new things and improving myself from my mistakes and over coming my fear of being introvert, I have reached in middle of being introvert and extrovert. Work and school help me improve and enhance my skills in communication, solving problems, setting goals, staying focused and leadership quality. Overall, I also participate in volunteering activities to meet and work with people.

Personal branding is to create a “mark” around own’s name and career, this is used to express and communicate skills, personality and values. Branding brings out uniqueness, it should be who I am and what I have to offer. To self-brand myself, I must plan out a list on what I should be doing. In future I wish to have a business of my own so creating a buzz and branding is very essential things to focus for me.

Firstly, staring with my unique value proposition, as I have evaluated myself, I know my strengths, passion and goals. I am very clam under pressure, fast working and detailed oriented and my passion is to work in technology world. As I know what my goals are, I must have a unique skill and be better than other individuals at my area. Second thing is to find out how other sees me as an individual, asking my colleagues, co-workers and friends I have known that they like how I take responsibility, limited time I take to complete my work, solving conflicts and clam under pressure.

Next step is identifying goals as I have already separated what my short- and long-term goals, I know which goal to prioritize. Everyone should make a list of their goals for weeks, months, 6 months, year and long-term goal like in five or ten years. Another step is to identify and target the audiences whom you want to brand yourself. For instance, company are known for their product similarly we should be able to brand ourselves with the one in which we are good in performing. And be able to deliver the message to the audiences on what we want them to hear and message should be informative and educational too.

Following next step, we should reorganize based on priorities and be able put own self first before putting company, co-workers and clients and while working being loyal to oneself and the company. Next step is the ability to pay attention to details and this is the quality which I am good at, while branding we should also keep in mind about our impression and image like – the way we dress, body language, how to behave with co-workers and writing emails, this makes a unique brand of our own.

Being own authentic self and having own style helps us be different from the crowd. After knowing who I am as person, I want to learn, read absorb and tech whatever I have achieved and share the knowledge to help people. To share information creating videos, social media and writing online and offline are the excellent ways to share ideas. Many people who are professional in their field love to help anyone who is interested and happy to share their suggestion from their own experiences.

Another point is to build an outstanding resume to determine goes with the brand I want to create. Making sure the resume mirror who really, I am as a person is very significant too. Furthermore, building own social network, accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many more platforms. Making sure to update content daily and putting out correct message to the audiences. After social media, according to the research using platform like WordPress and Joomla, makes it easier to promote us to required audiences. Keeping the account interesting and educational by updating once a week, will highlight experience and skills.

Finally remembering who you are and what message you want to send it to world is important. Every action done by us, whatever we say, how we communicate is a message to world and the world speak the action we perform. Go offline too, being sure to create buzz in person. Joining and participating in groups, conferences and offering to do large project which will bring out the values from who you are as a person.

We should also make sure to market through our network by updating what we are doing to our co-workers, colleagues, clients and friends. As I learned in my Marketing class word of mouth is the powerful tool for marketing and reviews about what people say will ultimately have an impactful image. Creating networks and meeting new people in the industry will help a lot to create the brand we want for ourselves. Building relationships with the people who will put out a word for you and help you do the marketing. As we live in a community helping each other and knowing each other is like helping and benefiting ourselves.

Building buzz is not a single project but an ongoing commitment to give quality work to larger community. A great way to connect and create more audiences by the telling stories about oneself, this comes after building our experiences or creating stories. Recruiters and company use the internet to research the suitable candidate, so we should be able to manage our online identity and profiles. Rechecking the content that are public voice on social media and removing bad stuff can help to keep a good image.

Having leadership quality also comes here as being a thoughtful leader, it refers to leaders within field or industry who have been recognized or trusted authorities. Rather than focusing in making oneself look good, leading a place with thought and building the brand we should not only for oneself but for the company associated too.

Finally we should look at the overall view of the brand we have created and how it portray frequently, making sure what kind of message I want to give out, is it consistent among all the platforms and also rechecking the platforms I have used to receive and send out information. Creating a personal brand is not an option but a necessity whether we get to promotion or working on our dream job, creating such kind of brands will help in future.

Moving forward to mental and physical health, being healthy is very important if we want to work and move a head in our career and in our lives. In my opinion balance work life is very necessary to either a male or female. Everyone has different roles in their own lives so keeping balance at work and life will help a lot to be healthy both mentally and physically. We must pay attention to mental health similarly to physical health, mental health can affect our physical state too. Mental health also can affect the immunity in our systems so taking care of ourselves is very essential.

Having and achieving physical health in our career is important so I like to take a walk and do some exercise during my break time whenever I get a chance. This helps me get energized at the afternoon time when everyone will be feeling afternoon slump. For recharging my mental health, I do many things in my list. Some of which are just small things like taking a break I try to take breaks after completion of any smaller to bigger tasks. It’s helps me stay focused, re-energized helping me perform my next task.

The small things like getting enough sleep helps me be prepared for next day, eating good meal in a day will help to keep the fuel required by mind and body. Next one is to exercise regularly; it helps a lot to improve mental and physical health. Getting support from friends and family is also important, I always talk to someone when I am super stressed, talking to someone about the situation helps me a lot. I also reward myself, a special treat after accomplishing something will always makes me feel better. Adding on I like to enjoy my off days, mostly weekends where I plan to do things with my friends and family.

Both mental health and physical health are directly related to how we perform at work, poor mental health can give less performance at work and even physical drained person can not bring out the potential in us. Other things to consider is temptation of technology as we all have technology in our hands we tend to be online more with our phones and other devices. We have habit to constantly check our social medias, watching videos and reading something online. I have learned to discipline myself and focus based on priority.

Next one is the importance for time management, the more time we take to something we are slacking off, setting goals and prioritizing is the main key. Every second of the day, we feel as though we should be doing one thing or another which will help to land what we need. Making time for the things to get done and being committed to get specific task done will help to keep on track.

Moving forward we should always be positive and surround our self with good people, setting realistic goals, deciding on what we want to achieve professionally and personally. Although our routines make us more efficient and enhance our feelings of security, a little change can perk up the monotonous schedule.

Asking mental health is not a weakness but a strength so it’s important to remember the treatment is effective. People who get appropriate care can recover from mental illness and can lead rewarding lives. Finally getting nutritional diet is also prime thing to consider as most of us are busy with our lives and sometime have less time to eat proper healthy food. I try my best to prepare meals for such busy days, when I have off days or time for myself, I prepare a week’s meal and it gets easier for me on weekdays.

Overall, we should be able to balance our lives, balance diet, set plans, make time for our space and build good relations with family and friends, sharing problems and getting suggestion and advices helps a lot, regularly going for check up or doing yearly check up is good for physical and mental health, focusing on happiness and satisfaction with smaller things on way to build a career is significant.   

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