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Disney princess movies such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty are beloved by the citizens all over the world because of the enchanting stories, and the ending which ends ‘happily ever after’. However, is it true that the characters of these movies really had a happy ending? Probably not. There are so many fallacies in these movies which are connected to human right, and this can be a severe problem for all people, especially growing children.

For this reason, many parents are banning their children from watching certain movies of Disney. Keira Christina Knightley, an actress, is a great example. She claims she does not allow her children to watch certain Disney movies such as Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. For example, as Cinderella was made in the 1950s, it had fewer women’s awareness of human rights than now, and it consists of many factors violating woman’s rights. In the movie Cinderella, she is very obedient and does not protest to her stepmother, just waiting for a prince to change her life. Knightley says this is a fallacy in this movie, and she says you don’t have to wait for a rich man to save you, but you can save yourself. She also mentions about The Little Mermaid, and admits the songs are great, but does not agree that Ariel has to give up her voice just because of love.

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Fortunately, Disney movies are changing as time changes. From ‘Snow White’; the first few movies of Disney showed passive and obedient women. Also, these movies did not have many women characters. However beginning from the 1950s, the role of women has changed. Although many women characters were still obedient, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ has introduced an articulate woman. In ‘One Hundred And One Dalmatians’, it showed equality between a married couple. However, it had some limitations, showing images of a housewife.

From 1989, enterprising women have appeared in the screens showing their drive for love, and positivity to go ahead. Furthermore, movies such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, and Mulan showed many woman characters who were not white, but from many different countries and cultures. Yes, these movies also had some fallacies and contradictions, but this affected people’s minds and broke the traditional obedient woman image.

Recently, such movies as ‘Tangled’, ‘Brave’, ‘Moana’, ‘Frozen’ have shown very different images of princesses compared from the past, and the real-life editions of Disney movies such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and ‘Aladdin’ have changed the original images. This shows that the recognition of women’s rights is growing as time passes, and this is also reflected in the movie industry.

As a child up in this world, it is almost impossible not to see a Disney movie at least once. Because almost every child grows up watching these movies at least once, it is important to change the images of the characters as times go, and give the chance to children to think about human rights.

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