Disney's Pocahontas: Indian Princess


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Pocahontas was a disney movie that was released on January 3rd 1997. The movie Pocahontas was about An american indian princess named Pocahontas, the daughter to an indian tribes chief Powhatan. Pocahontas is very adventurous and when she saw settlers come on their big ships she knew she had to find out what the settlers came for. She met one of the lead settlers and his name was John Smith,he explained the reason for their exploring and how they were looking for gold, She didn’t know anything about gold and taught him the free-spirited way of living and their relationship grew. Pocahontas’ tribe found out about John Smith and took him as a prisoner to use as leverage to stop the settlers from destroying their land. 

When Smith was about to get executed Pocahontas jumped in front and explained her love for him. The war ended between the Indians and settlers and they went back to their land while Pocahontas and her tribe stayed in theirs. Smith and Pocahontas were separated but stayed in each others hearts forever. As we learned in class the settlers traveled to India to find gold. This was known as the first English settlement in the year 1607. The movie Pocahontas also addressed the tension between the Natives and the Settlers at the time. The Natives believed that the English were interlopers while the English thought the Natives to be liars and uncivilized or known as savages.

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In the movie Pocahontas, John Smith fell in love with Pocahontas because she saved his life. Based on historical facts, the romance part in the movie was wrong. Based on Historically facts, Pocahontas befriended the settlers and sent them food since most of their survival depended on the Powhatan clan. The movie fails to show and tell us how Pocahontas was 10-11 when John Smith and his settlers arrived to her land. Another event the movie fails to explain was how Pocohontas married John Rolfe and they had a child Thomas Rolfe who was born on January 30, 1615. 

Then she was engaged to Kocoum in the movie while John Smith was there but she was engaged to him when John Smith went back to England in real life. Another event was In the movie the settlers had no problems getting down and dirty in their search got gold however in actuality that was not the case. Many of the settlers were considered ‘gentlemen’ and believed that they were above doing hard labor which caused trouble for them later on.

If I was in charge of re-making the film Pocahontas there would be a lot of differences i would make. Some of this difference is the ws Pocahontas appeared in the film. Disney often uses romance and action to make history more exciting, especially for younger viewers who are their target audience. In the film Pochanotas appeared to look like she was 17-20, when in real life she was 11-10 years old. I would change the way she appeared in the film and instead of making John Smith falls in love with her I would just make it seem like they have a true bond of friendship.

John Smith and Pocahontas never fell in love in real life, or did not have any type of sort romance in between them. I would actually show this in the film instead of changing the actual event and what really happened. However, I would still recommend the film Pocahonta to someone. I would most likely recommend this film as a family get-together film. The film will help out your audience understand the event of history that was going on, since Disney’s target audience are younger kids. The film has lots of musicals in it which would make it more instting for younger audience to watch. I’m sure anyone could enjoy the film as long as they do not take it seriously because the way Disney told the story was not accurate to the actual event.         

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