Display of the Qualities of a Good Mother

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Seeing her robustness, courage, the way she cares and loves her family, and how ambitious she is, I hope to one day acquire the attributes she withholds.

My mother’s name is Maricela Arreola Morales, she was born September 9th, 1974. She is one out of nine children and is the oldest. My mother has flowy, dark ginger hair although her natural hair color is light brown. She has fairly tan skin and has small freckles on her arms and a few on her face that appear when summer rolls around. She has straight, pearly white teeth and a radiant, contagious smile that holds such a distinctive laugh which makes her well known in a room and easy to spot. She has a small face, on this face there also lay expressive, light brown eyes that are shaped like almonds and right above them are thin, threaded eyebrows that hold much expression. My mother cares for her skin daily, she has very soft hands and overall glowing skin that is noticeably irradiant. She has an average sized nose and small ears that can hear from great distances. My mother has a pear type of body shape that has a smaller upper body and wider hips and stands at a height of around 5’5. Her light yet darker eyes, her smiles and skin as smooth as silk all mix gently to shape a beautiful face.

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My mother is a very brave woman. She was born in Mexico in hard conditions and was able to make nothing into something. She was only able to obtain an education up to the 6th grade before having to leave in order to help her family survive which forced her to work in the fields at a very young age. My mother is such a strong person in and out, she left everything she’s ever known such as her hometown, friends, and family in pursuit of a better life in america. She gave up everything in order to give my siblings and i a better yet more stable life and risked never finding a home again just so we could have a shot at “the american dream”, she left her roots so she could give us an education that she was sadly not able to receive. My mother to me is the definition of a real life hero, she thought about my needs before her own. My mother is patient with me when I am not, she is kind, even when others choose not to be. She is a resilient woman and lets no obstacle break her. She never weeps or places blame on anyone when she is in a situation but instead diligently overcomes them and moves forward.

This woman is a hard worker and is engrossed in every task she takes on. Each and every single day my dearest mother is the first to wake up, she prepares breakfast for my family and i as well as dinner when we all return from work and school. My mother makes my life easier, she takes away all the hard duties just so I can get my own things done more efficiently. She gives up her time so that I don’t use mine. She is the last one to take a break after a busy and long day. Without my mother’s selflessness my family wouldn’t wake up to a nice breakfast nor a completely and thoroughly cleaned house every morning, in addition to that I wouldn’t have much time for extracurricular activities and so much more.

She is nurturing and caring, she would much rather risk her life than to bring me anywhere near danger, she brings a large amount of security in our home and makes me feel safe. On top of all this my mother is also an extrovert, very sociable and humorous. She is very talkative and enjoys a good laugh with her peers. She has this distinctive and very recognizable laugh where it gradually gets louder and louder, you can hear her from blocks away and is so contagious. She can make a sour apple into a sweet one in a matter of seconds, there is no dim light in my mother’s soul. She is like the sun and makes my life a whole lot brighter.

There is not enough adequate words in the english language to describe my mother, she is the greatest woman not only in the world but in my heart. She gave up her dream so that i could dream. She sacrificed so much and i admire her the most. She gives me everything and never asks for anything in return, she is without a doubt one of the most influential people in my life and I will never take her for granted.  

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