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Distance MBA: Colleges, Benefits, Eligibility Criteria

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Distance MBA

Distance MBA, where MBA stands for (Masters in Bachelor of Arts) is now duly very well acclaim course by University Grants Commission (UGC). The online courses of UGC, Regulations 2018, has announced on May 24, 2018, that the distance learning online degree, diploma and certificate courses at par with their regular classroom programs can be very easily offered by the higher education institutions. Such types of great courses which are recommended by the institutions, duly validate by the statutory authority at the level of an undergraduate as regular classroom schemes or as open and distance learning schemes and were at least only one batch has graduated is surely eligible for offering the distance learning schemes. Such type of online distance learning schemes needs a minimum National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) score of 3.26 on the 4-point scale. If you are searching out for distance MBA courses there are a number of hundred MBA colleges that are easily recommending distance MBAs all over in India. Only little few or a small quantity of distance MBA institutes are there in India which offers or we can say that they focus on the good value for your time and efforts.

What Is Distance MBA?

Distance MBA is a course that is a very flexible and very easily affordable government acknowledged MBA program which doesn’t feel any requirement from you to attend regular classes daily. So if you are not capable or not feels comfortable or can’t pursue a full-time MBA for a shortage of time or due to high costs, studying from distance MBA coaching seems a good idea and a very best choice, even it’s a right choice. The colleges recommend or provide Offline Correspondence MBA course, Online Correspondence MBA course or a combination with two or both as one in distance learning education method.

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The Types of Distance MBA Colleges

Six types of institutes have been acknowledged by a Ministry of HRD, Government of India for recommending Distance Education Course and Distance MBA Course in India:

  1. Distance MBA course offered by the National Open University or IGNOU
  2. Distance MBA course offered by State of Open Universities
  3. Distance Education Institutions (DEIs) at Institutions of National Importance
    1. Central Universities
    2. State Universities
    3. Deemed to be Universities
    4. State Private Universities
  4. Distance MBA course recommended by DEIs at stand-alone Institutions
    1. Professional Associations
    2. Government Institutions
    3. Private Institutions

Some of the Special Key Benefits of Distance MBA Education

If you immobile have any queries then there are many numbers of benefits and advantages that Distance MBA programs provide for students and working professionals. The key benefits are: Effective Time Management: Distance MBA is a course in which the people can very easily manage their time instead of doing a course of regular MBA. It suits the people who can’t dedicate their whole time and who can’t afford full-time MBA due to high-cost fees and due to other factors also because of which the people who can’t afford full-time MBA. Availability of Education Technology at Anywhere: In distance MBA you can study online by presenting anywhere all around the world. Also, you don’t have to care about to purchase any heavy books from market areas or anywhere else. The institute or college will provide you all the study materials like notes or online. By the use of electronic way, a person can easily study online through the Internet anywhere and anytime. Low Cost or Cheaper than Regular MBA: For those who can’t invest high fees in regular MBA, they have the best option of choosing distance MBA because of distance MBA is very easily affordable and very less expensive. Work with Study: Due to the bad financial conditions people who want to earn while doing study from distance MBA for fulfilling their personal basic needs, they can start any job or run any business with their studies.

Eligibility Criteria of Distance MBA

According to the institute and duration of the program, the eligibility of a person for distance MBA can be checked very easily. The eligibility criteria of the common 2-year distance MBA is:

  • Bachelor’s degree or graduation from a recognized university
  • A reasonable mark in any of MBA entrance exams like State Level MBA / MMS-CET / MAT / CMAT / CAT / ATMA / XAT or equivalent management entrance test.
  • Entrance tests are conducted by some colleges also if you don’t have the score of any other test
  • Experience of work is preferred but it is not importantly required


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