Role of Diversity and Rights in Military Field

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In the army today we have many different cultures, ethnicity and religious beliefs. This is what makes our Military today so powerful. Being diverse gives us the power to overcome any obstacle we face and gives many ideas and innovations that we might need. Therefore in today’s military people might ask what is diversity and why is it so important in the military? Also some may think is it important to understand others perspective on life? Some people may also question if it is important to have equity and an even playing field.

First, what is diversity, why is it important? It means the very person is not the same we are all unique in our own kind of way. It is the analysis of different beliefs, religious studies, physical courage, political beliefs and ethnicity. Diversity is important because it allows people from different places to gain perspective on how others live their lives, the tools gained in diversity are beneficial in that it creates a better-rounded environment to produce thorough critical and creative thinking in the workplace. Critical thinking in the work place can give a different approach on mission accomplishment and understand your soldiers and peers. “Diversity is a commitment to recognizing and appreciating the variety of characteristics that make people and communities unique as well as creating and sustaining an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement” (The University of Tennessee Libraries Diversity Committee).

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Secondly, Different views or perspective in someone life is very crucial to building a strong team and having a bond with a certain individual. Being able to understand someone’s beliefs on life will make your platoon or squad a more functioning piece. As in everyone will understand how they think and understand certain topics. Understanding someone is very crucial for a Non Commissioned Officer (NCO). Understanding your soldier’s views on life can help you understand how to help those solders in any problem they may face. It may also be very affective when trying to teach your fellow comrades a new task. It will benefit you knowing their views on things so you could teach them in a way they could learn the topic or subject and become proficient at any task you may give them. Being able to teach a solider and who has different views may also be beneficial in your part, they could possible show you a more beneficial or even a more effective way to finish it to standards and in a timely manner. Therefore understanding someone’s views could be extremely helpful in the day to day duties and completing missions the first time and right time. Knowing how a solider thinks and reacts to certain situations is the best thing you could know as and NCO. Being a leader means you understand how your squad works and functions. Knowing your soldier is the key to success.

Finally, and even playing field in the army is very important. To have a level workplace could be a hard task to achieve. It’s about fairness, treating everyone the same and not one individual should be treated with special treatment. Creating and even playing field could give every solider in your formation a chance to strive to be the best. Solider who are not entitled to. Not giving someone the same chance that you would to another would create a hectic work place, soldiers wouldn’t want to work nor would they care. Having a level work environment is a significant piece in the military today, if the military fair towards individuals not one individual would progress. Individuals would grow and not help each other

In Conclusion, Diversity in the military plays and important role in achieving and equal playing field and also being able to understand your soldiers on how they look and view different things in their own life. The army today couldn’t be wear it is at now without the different nationalities, cultural beliefs, and ways of thinking and religious view. We are able to overcome any situation we might face due to a diverse population of are fellow soldiers. Being diverse is what America was built on. That is why we are the most feared and powerful nation. Diversity at its own helped the military conquer many situations by critical thing, having different views on how the situation could pan out and also being able to trust all of your fellow battle buddie by all having a equal opportunity and having your mindset on the same mission. Therefore today’s military wouldn’t be what it is without the diverse population of warriors we have today.

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