Divine Crisis: Hypocrisy in ‘god Image’

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The ‘idea of God’ is a quite peril discourse to explore in this ‘egoistic’ realm with diverse beliefs systems and structures which may not be necessarily centered on faith and spirituality but cradle the obsession of the ‘idea of believing’. It is debatable that the thought itself raises suspicions and appear to construct over a frail foundation of discourses but the uncertainty referred here is the beauty of the concept, proving beauty in complexity, harmony in chaos, truth amongst lies and light in darkness. In this particular research context there are no arguments on the denial or the approbation the of existence of a divine being or an all mighty ‘God’, a greater force ‘Above’ but a discourse of clearance brought in to de-enter the socio-traditional structures of stereotypical conventions constructed on the concept of ‘God’ that developed as a ‘God image’ that aids the oppressing power.

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The core idea is to examine the religious constructs, decode the social conventions tagged along with traditional practices and understand the relevance of ‘God’ to deconstruct the bias, problematized ‘God image’ interpreting reliable ‘gospel’ say truth that leads to salvation of all the oppressed proving conformity of plausible ‘interconnectedness’ or interrelation between the creator and the creation, God and nature say an Eco feministic approach. Accordingly evident western Christian theological works in relation with ecofeminism are also employed as observation resource since the western Christian ‘God image’ is widely countered in the literary text. Hence it isn’t necessary to prejudice that the research is in endorsement of the approbation of western Christian religious ideologies. There are several concepts and discourses about God and nature in different disciplines of knowledge however only the discourses and works relevance to the topic in connection with the involved literary text is taken into consideration as supportive thoughts or ideas say exploring the concept and convincing the incurrence in ecofeminism point of view.

There has been a lot of gender conceptualization of the divine entity, ‘God’ based on the diverse cultural and social locations of the particular ‘God concept’ and varies according to the comfort, practice, customs, understanding and the compatibility of the Group of people following that particular concept. The predominantly compatible gender concept of god is always depicted feminine with an attribute connected with nature namely Gaia, Bhoomi, Mother Earth, Mother Nature and so on; Greek, Hindu and even native American spirituality reflects this feminine personification. Eco feminist theologian Sallie McFague observes all these ideas as a ‘Metaphorical’ interpretation to get the best of ‘God’ in her book Metaphorical Theology: Models of God in Religious Language ;To put it in a more feminist way the best of God is explained through feminine Persona or a female construct. McFague concern is on how these language aspects say tools like metaphors are employed in discussing God since metaphors are oriented with cultural and other wide ranging implications. So language employed to understand God persuades one to understand the social aspects and understanding of the metaphor that proves the underlying attitude.

So if one refers to god as ‘Mother’ it raises several queries of the social context and implications relative to it. However it is more relevant and compatible for some people to ideate God in gender neutral terminologies like parent than referring as Mother or Father as gender promotes an inherent connection between people and the Divine making it an ineludibly necessary. The underlying reason of perplexity is application of personified gender on a matter that is inherently neither male nor female. Hence, McFague prefers addition of metaphors and avoids replacement of masculine metaphors with feminine ones. There should always be a cautious balance placed between what one intends to conceptualize about God perusing to inwardly and wholly connect with God and Who God actually is; imbalanced conceptualizing intentional of creating a God of one’s own desire deviates one’s path to relating with God and distances one away from the Divine.

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