Djibouti - a Place for Tourism

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Djibouti began to receive visitors from other countries very recently, it is a quiet place, and there is not much tourism, so there is an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the calm and picturesque nature. The majestic volcanoes, transparent lakes, fantastic plains that look like the Martian Chronicles. Beach lovers can go to the east coast, where there is almost nobody; the divers will be stunned by the beauty of the underwater world. This is truly a remarkable place that is incredibly interesting and beautiful place to visit! Have a look at the beautiful places in this place!

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Le Marche Central market

Among other attractions, the Le Marche Central market stands out. Here you can buy various goods; there is a wide assortment of seafood and exotic fruits. The most considerable and remarkable construction is, in any case, the presidential palace in the central part. It looks more like a building from the colonial era, from the square before the palace opens a magnificent view of the coast. You will be able to walk along the picturesque avenues and leave to the harbor district, where the snowy yachts are moored. It is a must to visit place when you visit Djibouti.

Tropical Aquarium

Another attractive site is the Tropical Aquarium. Here the inhabitants of the underwater world are exposed in all their variety. Between beaches we must highlight Dorale and Hor-Ambado, the latter is considered more isolated and picturesque. Visitors can also rent a boat and take a walk around the coastal area, admire the exotic desert, gulfs and forbidden. The divers have to go to the Bab el-Mandeb gulf, which is known for its coral reefs. In the territory of Djibouti, there are several large lakes, the most beautiful of which are Assal and Lak Gube, located between the black fields of solid lava – it is something spectacular.

Boin Fumarole Field

In the region of Djibouti is the world renowned Boin Fumarole Field. It was shaped a huge number of years back because of volcanic movement. All the region of this zone is secured by precipices and pipes, whose profundity achieves 7 meters. Hot gases are continually transmitted from these openings and breaks. You can just visit this characteristic reference point if joined by a guide. It is a must place to visit as this is a marvelous one! Do not miss this place, if you are planning or visiting Djibouti.


In the region of the city, there is a staggeringly intriguing and delightful mangrove wood, which wills enthusiasm for all nature darlings. Here, among the evergreen mangroves, you can see delightful waterfowl and different creatures for which this regular desert spring has turned into a home. There is a wetland close to the drift. The fundamental factors in its development are the standard tides. The water in this wetland is salty, so the evergreens that develop in it are of awesome enthusiasm to analysts. Presently mangroves are a characteristic security of the drift, so their wellbeing is deliberately checked.

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