Do Humans Really Want Freedom Or not

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The conclusion is that the vast majority of people do not want to be free in nature. What they want is safety, happiness, or something else. While we hate restrictions, we also rely on restrictions, limit our personal identity and life trajectory, and enable us to feel ‘on the right track.’ Freedom on some perspectives are the one who can live in uncertainty and uncontrollable is the most free, that means if the less a person needs to control, the more free he is mentally. When you try to control a thing, you are also controlled by this thing, which is always a mutual process. The freedom of a person who can live in uncertainty and uncontrollability is more about expressing freedom, more is the expression of freedom. In an uncertain situation, but also to maintain the natural state of mind security, however, he knows his choice, and he is confident to his choice, he won’t regret any choice he made.Complete freedom actually means unlimited possibilities, and it means unlimited uncertainty and openness. In the face of such vast possibilities and uncertainties, most people cannot hold it. 

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A completely free experience is not so much a freedom for them, but rather a horror or even a mystery. So how much freedom you can feel, subjectively, depends first on how much freedom you can hold, that is, how much uncertainty and openness you hold. If you have chosen something in your life period, after 30, 40 year you won’t regret you had made that decision, I think that would have been the most free person. It is necessary to withdraw the spiritual energy from the little things of money, family, and respect of others to complete the great desire. This may be the meaning of ‘doing nothing and doing everything.’ There are many people who, they can arrange their own time freely, can’t think of anything that is happy enough to be worth doing.

Most people talk about freedom they talk about limit, but what if you have completely freedom what are you going to do. While we hate restrictions, we also rely on restrictions, using restriction to limit yourself and to, in other word having some instruction to lead the way.

People who know what they want to do are the most free. Most people in this world don’t like freedom at all. They just talk about it. In fact, once they were giving the opportunity to be free, they will evade freedom.

 Freedom means too much responsibility and courage. Most people don’t know what they want, they probably think they know what they want, but actually they want most of what other people expect them to have. The true freedom is not to be kidnapped by secular values, to know exactly what to do, to focus on one’s goals, and to carry it out in an unimpeded manner. Such people are free people.

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