Internet Addiction as the Reason for Increasing Non Productivity

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“Today I am going to talk to you about “ Do not waste too much time to use the Internet”.

Internet and gaming addiction is seen as a problem for teens in big cities. The consequences are student is attracted to the virtual world, neglected learning and outside activities. So we have to know how to use the Internet effectively.

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Internet – A great invention of man. Thanks to the Internet, the vast world becomes a small village. Undeniably, the Internet has a very important role in life.

The first is the number of advantages that the Internet brings.

In the past, people were used to waiting patiently for some interesting news in the morning paper of new day, or the fastest at a fixed hour of radio or television. Now, we can update information at ay time of the day by going to the Internet and watching.

The Internet can help you connect with your friends and relatives through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google,… According to James Walker: “: People can contact you easily and immediately, through your email address on your site, or even better, through a form on your site.”

And many other social networking applications that you can communicate with people. Everywhere in the world from there can help you build a good relationship. In addition, through social networks, people can exchange work with each other more, business activities on social networks bring great profits in the current economic times.

The Internet can be said to be a storehouse of enormous, immense knowledge that can not be measured. It makes it easy for us to quickly find information, news, or news. You can search for a topic that interests you by searching on the big Google will have a lot of web pages showing relevant information. Whenever users just need to search, everything seems easy at hand.

Internet plays an important part in the field of education. With the Internet, we can learn more about unknow knowledge or find related classroom materials for further study through websites such as: tailieuvn ; ,… web pages with exercises and questions that are very close to the curriculum, help us find more information, more knowledge. You can study online or distance learning through the Internet. It saves you a lot of time or can be easily exchanged online with the teacher when there are questions to be answered. Not only in the education and training sector but also in the government, there is also an electronic portal.

Ajay Kaarthic J, studies at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering also agree with that. He said: “ yes! With plenty of E-books available online one can develop himself a lot not only the E-books even you-tube , and plenty of online courses that plays a Major role today that delivers a quality contents to students.”

Internet is also an ideal environment for you to do business. James Walker suggested that “ These days, if a company or an organisation doesn’t have a website, it doesn’t exist. The more information and services an organisation provides online, the more professional it appears to the public.”

There are many forms of online sales such as: selling on Facebook, affiliate marketing, selling on the intermediary websites, etc. Not only useful to individuals but also many Benefit for companies, businesses. It is also a very effective PR channel, which can help us find potential customers or contracts. Thanks to the Internet, people all over the world know you or your company and expand your business space.

However, the negative effects and limitation of the Internet are not the same, the fact that the limitations of the Internet on student learning today is a preference for relying on the available results.

Internet addiction is a dangerous psychological disease. Expressions often forget about time, eating and sleeping, stressed, nervous about not being able to go online, expressing depression, or angry and isolated from society. Webroot also mentioned this issue : “For youth on the high end of the scale, spending this much time with media – online and offline – robs them of real world experiences and may result in lower grades, increase their risk for depression, cut into the time needed for sleep, and more.”

Network that lost the habit of thinking, dig deep thinking before a problem, that will be embarrassed in the sea of information giant on the Internet without identifying he information you need or do not know the “ How reliable is that information ? “

In Education HQ Australia, by Rod Pitcher, he said that “ Much of the information on the internet is biased or totally wrong. It is very easy for a person, particularly a child, to pick up wrong viewpoints and beliefs.”

There are many websites that bring up pornographic news, pictures and video clips, even bringing their own images online to look for subjects that affect the morality and lifestyle of youth, students.

Overuse of Internet in entertainment also leads to bad effects on the health of users. Many student also acknowledge the Internet has a negative impact on their lives. Rod Pitcher also have an idea “ Sitting at a computer too long is bad for the people posture and physical health, as well as any damage to their eye and psychological health due to absorbing some of the rubbish from the internet.”

Many people think that they are tired, learning result decline, conflict with friends, drop out of school because they go to bed too late. Some people even think they have been sexually assaulted, violent or have sex with prostitutes,…through the Internet.

Online gaming is a form of Internet addiction. And of course, playing a game is not about developing personality or creativy, it just brings out the wrong ideas with unpredictable consequences. Student of online gaming addictions are blushed by lack of sleep, weak learning, poor health, delusion,… and many have violent behavior when imitating games in the game.

Often playing online games and living in the hallucinations will cause the behavior gradually affect the moral, alienation of personality, cognitive deviation. Thereby leading to negative behavior, can be destructive the future of student.

Dr Vasileios Stavropoulos, a senior lecturer in clinical psychology and coordinator of the Gaming Research Group at Federation University Australia, says six criteria must be met in order for excessive internet gaming to be classed as an addiction. “That criteria includes a frequent preoccupation or obsession with internet gaming, progressively higher doses of gaming to achieve the same outcome, using gaming to modify mood or feelings, conflict with others due to dysfunction in the gamer’s other roles, failing in attempts to curb or stop gaming, and withdrawal symptoms when not gaming online.”

Social networking not only gives our less time for real people around us , but also makes them sad when we value your “”virtual”” friends more than what’s in front of us. Gradually, relationships will be broken and no one will want to see us again.

Being so focused on social networking makes it easy for people to forget the true purpose of life. Instead of focusing on looking for work in the future by learning the necessary skills, the young people are focused only to become “”heroic keyboard”” and famous online.

From these negative influences, if we do not have the right direction to choose and exploit information in a useful way, the consequences of it is extremely serious.

Finding solutions to limit and reserve the negative effects and promote the positive and effective affects of the Internet is very important and essential in the present time for young people, especially student.

So, we should do something to limit using the internet

Firstly, we should dominate every day of life and our attitude, do not let the seduction, the negative impact on our thoughts. For example: Ask yourself, “”What am I missing out on when I spend so much time on the internet?””

Secondly, we should enhance your participation in healthy activities and good daily habits, do not arrange much free time for online gaming. For example, some activities such as playing sports, reading, drawing, listening to music, studying, jogging, playing with our friends,… or some positive habits: exercise, help parents in their housework, spend time with our family, search for friends and acquaintances, who do not care about the internet. Spend time practicing that not only live online, always keep our goal where it is most obvious to allocate time to achieve that goal every day,..

Thirdly, we should determine what we want to do when surfing the Internet, how to determine when we want to go access the Internet.

Fourthly, we should set a certain time when using the Internet. Establish a reasonable Internet use goal and fully implement. Have regular breaks, at least 5 minutes per hour, and do some other activities.

Fifthly, we should set up a private space for high-tech activities at home by prevent all utilities in the table area to ensure that throughout the meal you will engage in direct interactions with loved ones. This allows you to spend more quality time than being distracted by the phone or the message.

Finally, we should limit capture, or return to sensitive, private actions of ourself or others. Do not use them to gain fame or honor from others, and also protect us. We will not anticipate the possible consequences for these actions.

Besides of these things which we should do, we should not

Firstly, we should not play online games continuously for many hours.

Secondly, we should not go to some palces where we are playing online games can lead to addiction.

Thirdly, we should not bring the computer into the room, few people pass reminder.

Fourthly, we should not share sensitive images, do not share too much about ourself, our habits, our feelings, and our feelings with strangers so they can catch on and easily take offense or endanger us, do not join sites with unhealthy content.

Finally, we shold not click on unhealthy website such as web sex, web games online,… It will be easy to get addicted and difficult to heal.

It can be said that the important role of the Internet in the world field of human activities has proved asociety based on information technology, the Internet becomes a useful tool of the process.

Internet for the cultural life of students is one of the important issues, there must be effective and practical measures for students to properly perceive the nature of this type of communication. Through the positive and negative effects that the Internet brings, with the above solution, will help the students have effective solutions to manage and develop the Internet. In the right direction, contributing to the building of a healthy cutural life in all classes of people, especially the students, the future ownes of our country.”

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