Do Schools Do Enough to Prevent Bullying

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We live in a world that is ever changing and evolving. With new innovations entering this world that improves our quality of life and makes tasks easier. Teenagers nowadays have many tools that affect their habits and makes working at school and living at home simpler and easier for them. They are exposed to many things in this new generation that older generations did not come close to. These new technologies have solved many problems as well. But a problem that has yet to be solved since the beginning of time would be bullying. Although solving bullying completely would be nearly impossible, in a time and society like we are in today we can take precautions and steps to prevent it. A good place to start would be in school since students are there 5 days a week and their lives are based around school. There has been a rise in cases of bullying in schools, however, the administration of the schools are not doing anything to curve the acts of bullying whether this be from poor care and attention or from the ones being bullied not speaking up and asking for help. Do schools do enough to prevent bullying ?

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Bullying is a normal daily thing that happens in my town. Since the rise in popularity of social media for kids there has been more bullying and verbal abuse whether physically or digitally. Kids have been using this outlet more than anything else in recent times. Bullying is the main cause of anxiety and mainly depression for most students. False rumors and jokes and things with the intention of being harmful are more effective at hurting teenagers than they may be as an adult. Here is an example. Let’s say you are put in a room with someone you don’t particularly like but you have to talk to them. They are shy and pushed around at school by plenty of bullies. What would you do? Talk to the person and be nice, or would you verbally, physical or socially attack them. Think about what they may be feeling. Teenagers or even children can take things wrongly even if you say it as a joke. Bullies in most cases are someone who is also having trouble at home or school and may even be bullied themselves, so they act negatively.

The schools in this area do not take bullying seriously. I feel that there should be things to try and curve the acts of bullying. Putting students in a school program during the day where they can talk to other students and understand each other would make the children feel more comfortable when they talk about the issue. I understand how students would not want to speak directly to the consoler because they feel that they would not understand how they are feeling. The older students could then report to the school consoler and ask questions on advice and ways to help. If we had this program it might give the students and environment on which they can have a positive mental attitude. It might lower the chances of mental issues as well as make them feel safer while they work in class. Of course that is not the only way we can solve the issue, creating campaigns against bullying might help to show the school administration office that this issue needs to be solved. With student mental states becoming very concerning it is very important that we act on this issue now before it gets worse. Since the schools in this area are doing nothing to stop the acts we must figure out ways ourselves. I feel we can stop the bullying and help our students in just under a year if we start now, if we start out small it will surly spread to other towns and we could help more than just the students in my town.

Bullying has pushed students into an unhealthy mindset and caused them to feel unsafe at school. It has caused very concerning mental issues and made them feel uncomfortable with themselves and their look on life. We have an idea on how to stop this issue and now we must try and convince the school board to put our ideas to the test.  

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