Doing the Right Thing: the Need to Stop School Bullying

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Violence, something that happens every day, in many different, but still hurtful, forms. Examples of violence could be punching someone square in the face, saying mean comments to others, or even some unintentional actions, like hurting someone’s feeling by choosing not to do things with them, or avoiding a person. There are many forms of violence, and it affects others, a lot. It affects adults, adolescents, even animals, and children, or even the bystanders around. We should realize the signs before anything riskful happens. It affects everyone and everything, and we need to stop it. To stop animal abuse, child neglection/abuse, bullying, youth violence, and such. And if we want to stop violence, we have to, or should, take immediate action, and ask ourselves, “What are the most common causes of violence in youth or adult?”, “What can I do to prevent this?”, and “How has violence affected my life and what should I do about it?” Youth violence is a horrible thing, it usually happens when one is frustrated, physically or mentally, or just want to see others in pain, but not just youth violence, any type of violence, really. Everyone should know this, including myself, since I’ve had a distant friend who had been affected by youth violence, from my old school, when I was very young. Even though I was just only a distant friend, I knew that they was being “bullied” by these three kids who’d always come up to them in-between classes, hallways, or pack-up time, where’d they constantly antagonize them. Looking back, I probably should’ve told a teacher about that situation, but I didn’t know what was really happening back in the past. Don’t do what I did, always notify an adult or guardian if there is any sort of event where violence or harassment is involved, or anything out of place happens.

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Anyways, those three girls would come up to them, frequently, always making fun of their ragged clothes and old backpack, since their family wasn’t exactly well, financially. They were struggling to support their children. The girls would also sometimes “drop” pencil shavings near their desk and make them clean it up, and pinch them when the teachers weren’t looking. It was really petty, but I didn’t think much of it at the time, since I couldn’t tell the difference from what was right or wrong. The harassment only stopped when this one time where they broke down in class, crying and whimpering. Sometime later, I think it was two weeks, our teachers told us that they had transferred, because of some “school circumstances”. I never saw them again. Think really hard on this question I’m about to give you, and to think about the circumstances of the situation into consideration. What would you do if you were in my perspective? Do you have your answers? Because I definitely have mine.

Whenever you see a child going through anything that brings them down, try to stop it, since children are young, it would have greatly impacted their life, but not in a good way, if they had to deal with violence of any sort. They might’ve grown to be more scared and off-put from other children, being more fragile in the future, developed anxiety, or even PTSD, etc. Even in adults, they could turn to be like this, or have sudden changes in their personality or life-style. We should just try to stop any violence or abuse from any person, and try to get them help, either from a phone hotline, therapy, or just talking to them and sorting things out. I wish I would’ve known these things, I could’ve been better friends with that certain person, and stopped them from leaving the school, to make their life better. Turning away from problems and running away from them sometimes aren’t the only solution to making things better, being aware of signs and speaking out can. Speak out, take action.

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