The Harmful Impact of Video Games on People's Aggression and Mental Health

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Video games are one of the most fun pastimes for millennials, but many studies and even the president has said that video games cause violence in adolescents and this article is going to try to clear this topic up. If you don’t already know video games are electronic games, many are from the first person view and even more have some source of gun combat. The newest biggest video game is called Fornite, and this displays cartoon violence. The competitive aspect of Fortnite and the last man standing type gameplay makes it almost addictive to the right audience. Many people and sources point back to video games to be the soul reason for school shootings, and even a shootout took place at a EA convention due to a player losing a game. All the evidence seems to point towards ‘yes’ but its not as black and white as it seems.

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A recent article from CNN states that ‘. . . playing video games, no matter how bloody, did not predict violent behavior. ’ This comes from a study done by Whitney DeCamp which included 6,567 eighth graders, so this seems to prove that video games do not alone make people violent. There was a study done by a Youtuber by the name of Matpat, he makes a lot of interesting videos about certain convictions inbetween real life and the universe in which the video games. All of his theories use real life calculations and physics. His study was about if video games or more specifically Fortnite. He used a online site called Reddit, he set up a poll consisting of 330,000 responses. To get an answer he asked questions to two types of gamers, people that play PBUG, a popular battle royale type game, and Fortnite. Through extensive and physiological questions, things to find out your personality, amount of friends, and other characteristics, he deduced that video games, or more specifically Fortnite, do not make people or violent. From the evidence put together it seems video games aren’t dangerous. Right? Well no, the Columbine High School massacre has people pointing back to gory video games, or more specifically Doom. Doom is know for fast action, gory killing. 25 different parents sued video game companies, the parents drawing lines back to the two perpetrators playing shooting video games.

There are other cases as well, in 2016 an 18 year old in Germany killed 9 people, he was a frequent player of first person shooters. As stated in the introduction there was a shooting in a EA convention. EA is a popular video game publisher, whose titles include Madden and NBA2k 18, and so on. EA put a convention together consisting of the best Madden players, when 24 year old opened fire killing 2 people and injuring 11 others. The 24 year old contestant had opened fire possibly because he got angry after losing a match. But the shooter had been a know psychiatric patient possibly aiding in him losing control. There a lot of people who believe that video games cause people to lose control and become violent. And they’re technically not wrong. But video games alone, statistically, cannot make a person want to hurt another person. So, what should parents do to help prevent their child from getting uncontrollably angry? Parents should monitor their child’s time on screens, and not let younger children access violent video games. These steps should give parents confidence in their child’s mental health.

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